Cycling Screen Grabs – York Races 30/5/2015

It's funny what you see when you are out and about cycling but sometimes you don't manage to take it all in. I didn't have my camera on for long today but I did have it on as I passed York Racecourse as many a drunken punter was on their way to get even drunker.... Continue Reading →

Amazing Quote From York Councillor Re Lap Dancing Club

The York Press printed a story today¬†about a new lap dancing club that has just won approval in York despite many concerns. Not big news really but I was surprised by one particular concern:Another concern raised by councillors was that disabled people would not be able to gain access to the clubAnd one Councillor elaborated... Continue Reading →

The York Community Staduim

Just thought I'd add my ten pence worth regarding the proposed York Community Stadium. The new stadium would be built near Monks Cross and see the Park and Ride extended, a new Marks and Spencer and a park area built. The stadium would seat 6,000 spectators. The problem that I have with this plan goes... Continue Reading →

The Darts Comeback!

Last night was my first competitive darts match for about 3 years. Needless to say I was bricking it!! For the past few week I have been practicing like mad trying to get back to my best form, and finally over the last few weeks I have been pushing a steady average for me and... Continue Reading →

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