Goodbye 2021 – 2022 Let’s Smash It!

2021 has been a very busy year with my mileage goal smashed but it sadly ended with not much activity as I would have liked. As you can see I have been active every week but slowly the activity died off as life, the weather and motivation got in the way. I am hoping next... Continue Reading →


Only a quick one today. Had a decent March and kinda met all targets: Lose 4 pounds so I get into the 14 stone range ☑️ Cycle Over 500 miles ☑️ Cycle 200 miles in a week ☑️ But having got into the 14 stone range I then put a pound on and ended up... Continue Reading →

Ticking over in July

Drum roll... 438 miles! A bit down on June but still a decent amount of miles to keep the clock ticking over! And as I have completed more miles that target I am now even further ahead of target: My previous highest annual cycling total was 2,255 miles. It looks that this will be surpassed... Continue Reading →

Virus-ridden March

So we started off with the best of intentions and then something a little bigger than cycling came along... COVID-19. I started off March quite well having a 56 mile week 1 total but then I got ill again. I managed to cycle through the last cold but this one knocked me for six and... Continue Reading →

So that’s 2016 done

My ride today ended as my season on the bike has done - disappointingly. I misjudged the severity of a bill on my route which took me longer than I thought meaning I was running late and had to cut the ride short then I got a flat 2 miles from home.  Due to an... Continue Reading →

Lagging Behind 2015 Badly

Got a shock this morning when checking my Veloviewer account - I am 445 miles behind my 2015 annual distance!  This isn't good news when I was wanting to cycle 3,000 miles this year which was 745 more miles. I don't think that I will reach 3,000 unless I do something quite drastic.  We have... Continue Reading →

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