Week 23 & 24 – Back At It!

Sunday 12th June 16 days since riding so it was time to see if the groin had improved, especially with the beautiful weather! Went out for a 22 mile flat loop and it felt ok. Muscles aching everywhere and I think I felt the twinge again but no where near as bad as before. As... Continue Reading →

Week 20 – Diagnosis – Week 21 & 22 Rest!

Life being unable to ride your bike is pretty miserable. Felt down all week until I book a session with Tom Howell from Ed Pratt Sports Therapy after a recommendation from Tim. I have never been to a sports therapist before, probably because I don't consider myself an athlete, but thought it couldn't hurt to... Continue Reading →

Week 19 – Highs and Lows

Well some good news to start the week with! After a week of watching what I eat and cutting back on the beer I weighed in at 232 lbs which is a 5 lb loss! Excellent! Now I know some of this will be my body adjusting to my new diet and probably some fluids... Continue Reading →

Week 18 – Up Redmire!

Weighed myself this week and it was not good!!! 237 pounds which means I have gained 2 STONE in a year. That's everything I lost. Action needs to be taken so I have my starting point and will be not only upping the mileage but reducing beer and food. Tuesday 3rd May My final Zwift... Continue Reading →

Week 17 – The Long One

Only two active days this week but I made them count. Tuesday 26th April Yes, Zwift Racing League. A flat course for sprinters with a kicker at the end of the climbers. It was tough. Managed to finish 30th and come 7th in one of the sprints. Wasn't really happy with that but again it... Continue Reading →

Week 16 – Climbs

I thought that after an enjoyable few days on the bike last week it is maybe time to stop messing about and try and get fit for the Lincoln sportive. The main aim going forward it to be hitting over 100 miles a week and making sure the intervals.icu fitness graph is going in the... Continue Reading →

Week 14…

So we are officially not a training diary. Just a diary of sorts. Maybe we'll see some movement towards my goals as I do really plan on upping the miles and elevation. So maybe this is an accountability blog? Tuesday 5th April Zwift Racing League is back!!! Road to Ruins. An 18.7 mile race with... Continue Reading →

Week 13 Of Not Training…

Slight title change as I'm not really training for anything now, just riding. The Beast refund came through this week and to be honest it was a weight off my mind. I started these weekly blogs as there was a chance that I was to appear in Cycling Weekly and needed a record of my... Continue Reading →

Training Diary – Week 12

Monday 21st March After a thoroughly enjoyable ride on Saturday enthusiasm was high to get some miles in before I head down to Kent to went out for a hillyish evening ride with Robbo. Due to road closures we ended up going up Stark Bank (which is stark), quite a test for an evening run.... Continue Reading →

Training Diary – Week 11

Had some very kind comments after my last blog post which I really appreciated. It's nice that people care but also nice that they actually read this crap! Thanks to those who did. Not overly worrying about sessions this week, just trying to enjoy riding. Tuesday's Zwift race felt like a real chore so I skipped... Continue Reading →

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