Lagging Behind 2015 Badly

Got a shock this morning when checking my Veloviewer account – I am 445 miles behind my 2015 annual distance!  This isn’t good news when I was wanting to cycle 3,000 miles this year which was 745 more miles.

I don’t think that I will reach 3,000 unless I do something quite drastic.  We have 29 weeks of 2016 left and having cycled 652 miles already I need to cycle an additional 2,348.  That’s 81 miles per week.  Obviously in winter my miles will reduce so I really need to target 100 miles per week to have any chance of hitting 3,000.


So I have amended my Strava weekly target and will give it a go.  Hopefully I can lose some more weight in the process…

Wish me luck.

2014 Cycling Goals

No resolutions for me this year, just some cycling goals.  This is what I hope to achieve in 2014:

  • Cycle 500 miles in a month
  • Complete the Coast to Coast cycle route
  • Cycle over 2,000 miles in 2014
  • Go faster than 50mph
  • Complete a ride over 100 miles
  • Lose some weight cycling

I don’t think any of these are unobtainable, but it will be hard work, especially getting up to doing a ride over 100 miles. Anyway, go hard or go home, as they say!