Slower October

It's been a funny one. After my Epic Ride up the Dales I felt rather poorly which impacted in the old monthly mileage totals!  But this last week I have been trying to get back into Zwift as the weather (mainly wind) is turning and the dark nights have returned with the clocks going back.... Continue Reading →

Covid (was) Live Blog

25 June 2020 Prior to Lockdown On March 21st 2020, prior to England entering any sort of Covid-19 lockdown I wrote a blog post about my feelings that Boris Johnson was moving far too slowly with lockdown. If I start venting on here about something it means I'm concerned. Now I was really concerned about... Continue Reading →

Covid 19 is Fast – Boris is Slow

Readers, here is the problem. Covid 19 moves fast, fast like Bradley Wiggins on his Time Trial bike at the 2012 Olympics. Boris Johnson is slow, as are his reactions to the Coronavirus outbreak that has hit the UK since the end of January 2020. Now Boris has finally acted over the last week by... Continue Reading →

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