Bake Off Betrayal?

What a load of bollocks this is!!

Bake Off is a programme that saved Mel and Sue’s B List careers and in Sue’s own words, gave her the confidence to write a gay sitcom.  Mary Berry had a career prior to Bake Off but just a look at the book isle in Tesco last Christmas shows how far the programme has boosted her earnings.  She had 8 books in the top 50.

Then there is Paul Hollywood.  A relative unknown prior to Bake Off.  You could say the Bake Off gave him everything he has today.  So why is Hollywood the villain?

The BBC don’t make Bake Off, Love Productions (LP) do.  They took the idea to the BBC and they aired it on BBC2.  The BBC Bake Off contract was up and Channel 4 bid A LOT of money for it so LP accepted the offer, rather than sticking with the BBC.  Now if you got offered a job for double or treble the salary would you turn it down?  I doubt it.

Paul Hollywood has done the honourable thing, he’s stuck with the company that gave him everything.  Mary, Mel and Sue have not.  They could have stayed with LP and ensured that Bake Off remained successful but instead it looks like they are making a rival show.

That isn’t loyalty.  That’s stabbing the people in the back who helped you on the way to the top.  Snakes.

In my option Mel and Sue are terrible comedians.  If they were any good they would have never needed to take the Bake Off job anyway.  All they add are innuendo and strange noises that you hear at a children’s play group.  Any numpty can do what they do.

Paul Hollywood is the Simon Cowell of baking – Bake Off will still be a success with him on board.

Wikileaks, FIFA & The Media

Three things have pissed me right off over the past week or so, so I thought I’d have my little say…


Julian Assange sound like a lovely bloke – allegedly forcing himself upon Swedish ladies whilst putting lives in danger as he leaks various titbits on his website.  Turns out the women in question (according to Reuters) were only trying to get him to go to the doctors about a possible STD infection but Mr Paranoia himself had his phone turned off to prevent his ‘enemies’ tracing him.  What a complete joke this guy is, and the worrying thing is he’s duping some quite famous people into fighting his cause.  One in particular, Jemima Khan, was very quick to run to his  side but ended up looking like a bit of a fool on the ITV news saying “I do not know him and have never met him”.  If that is the case love you don’t really know if you are helping a rapist or not do you?

If Julian wants to keep leaking old news on his site then that’s up to him, but I think he’s enjoying all the ‘celebrity’ that is associated with it.  It seems he thinks he’s some kind of James Bond, leaking info and gallivanting around the world to evade capture.  Wikileaks is supposed to be there to expose corrupt government but I don’t know how leaking a list of ‘critical sites’ in the US is doing this.  It is reckless in my opinion, and I hope it does not put US national security at risk.


Losing the bid for the 2018 World Cup put a bit of a downer on last week, but what was worse is we only received two votes, and one was from our own guy!!  I could not believe it, however it was interesting to hear Jack Warner’s comments today regarding how the British media had a direct impact on England’s bid.  So finally it has come from the horses mouth, so thanks to The Sunday Times and the BBC we lost the bid.  Cheers – I can choose not to buy The Sunday Times but I have no choice to pay may TV poll tax so I’ll have to keep paying for these idiots to waste my money preventing great sporting events from being hosted on our shores.

The Media

So in light of the above lots of journalists have been coming out defending how it is great that we have a free press in the UK.  Yes, it is great, but with a free press comes one thing – RESPONSIBILITY.  With any story in a newspaper there is cause and effect, so I ask The Sunday Times and the BBC did they want the World Cup in England in 2018?  If so didn’t some bright spark think ‘hang on, this will probably harm the bid?’ – no, because its not about what’s best in the public interest, its about viewing figures and papers sold, that’s it.

Its the same with this Wikileaks carry on, celebs jumping on the band waggon supporting someone who may soon be a convicted rapist in the name of a free press, or free speech if you like.  No thought as to what the impact of what Wikileaks is actually leaking though, and if that information might put lives in danger.  I hope these people could still stand there with conviction and tell the mother of a soldier who had been killed due to information leaked on the site and say it was the right thing to do despite their son’s death.