January done!!!

Pretty pretty good as LD would say... So what do we have here?  This, dear readers, is an 'Info Wheel'.  It's a wheel with 'info' on it.  Info is short for 'information'.  We good so far? Right, what does the info wheel tell us?  It tells us that Joff rode 368 miles in January both... Continue Reading →

Goalz Bro, Goalz

Long time no speak!  I'll be honest, I lost the love.  Injury, boozing too much, mates getting quicker than me, some mates not cycling any more - the list of excuses is endless! Look at these shit stats from 2019... A dreadful effort.  1,491 is my second worst annual total since I 'properly' started cycling... Continue Reading →

Hey Driver, Please Don’t Kill Me!

Went out for a ride last night after a little break on some quiet country roads around where I live.  Usually the drivers around Kirby Fleetham are pretty good, there are always cyclists about and drivers are usually very courteous but last night they must have taken an idiot pill. First up was YL16 TZK.... Continue Reading →

So that’s 2016 done

My ride today ended as my season on the bike has done - disappointingly. I misjudged the severity of a bill on my route which took me longer than I thought meaning I was running late and had to cut the ride short then I got a flat 2 miles from home.  Due to an... Continue Reading →

Wiggins on Marr on TUEs

This morning Sir Bradley Wiggins appeared on The Andrew Marr Show to discuss the leaked TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption) documents leaked by the hacking group Fancy Bears. Wiggins has come under increasing pressure over recent days with cycling fans and the media accusing him of legally doping before 3 Grand Tours and in particular before... Continue Reading →

Bake Off Betrayal?

What a load of bollocks this is!! Bake Off is a programme that saved Mel and Sue's B List careers and in Sue's own words, gave her the confidence to write a gay sitcom.  Mary Berry had a career prior to Bake Off but just a look at the book isle in Tesco last Christmas... Continue Reading →

Dear fellow road users…

I'm a driver and a cyclist.  I pay Vehicle Excise Duty and have done for years.  That 'Duty' isn't Road Tax before we start, that was abolished in 1937 but it was never called Road Tax. Anyway, I digress... I cycled 5 miles yesterday with my video camera turned on and saw a driver nearly... Continue Reading →

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