Training Diary – Week 11

Had some very kind comments after my last blog post which I really appreciated. It's nice that people care but also nice that they actually read this crap! Thanks to those who did. Not overly worrying about sessions this week, just trying to enjoy riding. Tuesday's Zwift race felt like a real chore so I skipped... Continue Reading →

Training Diary – Week 10

Real Talk 15 weeks until the Yorkshire Beast and my training progress is abysmal. I have remained the same weight and despite my fitness improving it isn't at any level that I hoped it would be. I could fill this with excuses but the last weeks have been dire on my part. Something needs to... Continue Reading →

Training Diary – Week 9

So last week was crazy but hoping going forward I can get back into the training routine but with a little less pressure from a strict professional training plan. I have every intention, circumstances allowing, to link up with Tom again in April so thought it best to continue in the same way that his... Continue Reading →

Training Diary – Week 6

Weight: 227 lbs FTP: 272 Mileage: 485 Monday 7th February Rest day. Still in Kent. Heading back tomorrow hopefully in time for Zwift Racing League. Tired. Tuesday 8th February Got back from Kent via Cambridge at 6:30pm with ZRL warm up starting at 7:30pm. I was so tired after the drive despite the coffees en... Continue Reading →

Training Diary – Week 5

Weight: 227 lbs FTP: 272 Mileage: 418 Monday 31st January Weigh Day- somehow lost 2lbs! Very happy with that as I have not been watching my weight at all. Rest day today as usual on a Monday - looking forward to the Zwift Racing League Team Time Trial tomorrow. Tuesday 1st February Disaster strikes. I... Continue Reading →

Training Diary – Week 4

Weight: 229 lbs FTP: 272 Mileage: 307 Monday 24th January Rest day but weigh day. Having not watched what I eat since Wednesday last week I was worried. I tentatively stepped on the scales and to my delight I had remained at 229 lbs. Sweet. Mental health restored and no weight gain. This might be... Continue Reading →

Training Diary – Week 3

Weight: 229 lbs FTP: 272 Mileage: 200 Monday 17th January No weight loss this week which was very disappointing as I've tried my best to stick to 1,800 calories. Maybe it won't be as easy to shift as last January. Legs feel great this morning and looking forward to a chilled day with a few... Continue Reading →

Training Diary – Week 2

Weight: 229 lbs FTP: 272 Mileage: 98 Monday 10th January Rest day today! Did my hip flexor stretches and just tried to watch what I ate. Whilst waiting for new saddle for Wattbike I bought some more chamois cream as I'm going through it at a rate of knots! Also bought some new recovery drink... Continue Reading →

Training Diary – Week 1

Weight: 234 lbs FTP: 272 Mileage: 0 Monday 3rd JanuarySo it begins. I'm not sure what to expect but the week hasn't stated off great as I have some kind of head cold / hangover from Christmas which I'm struggling to shake off. I've not felt great over the whole festive period but hoping that... Continue Reading →

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