Plane Pics! #AvGeek #JadedThunder

I'm more of a cycling geek rather than an aviation geek but living so close to RAF Leeming means I can see quite a lot of activity at the base, especially when they hold exercises such as Jaded Thunder. From my study as I worked away hard I managed to snap a few pictures of... Continue Reading →

Dutch??? A Man’s Guide To Paying The Bill…

First date. You want to impress. You've got your decent clothes on, you've showered this week, you've even put that good perfume you got for Christmas. You've matched them on POF and they seem normal, which is a bonus on that website. Let's get the boring stuff out of the way. You met, she didn't... Continue Reading →

Sick Of Arsenal Fans Moaning

I'm absolutely sick of hearing Arsenal fans moaning on about how they haven't won a trophy in years and how Wenger should be sacked. What a total joke they are. Surely supporting a club doesn't mean slag it off constantly because you aren't winning? Arsenal fans a privileged that they support a team with the... Continue Reading →

Joff’s New Year Message

Hello and Happy New Year! 2012 has been a great year for sporting achievement, none so much as Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour De France, Olympic Time Trial Gold & BBC Sports Personality Of The Year.  Brad, or Sir Brad as we now must call him, along with his Team Sky colleagues have triggered an... Continue Reading →

Stray Nipple Hair!!

One of the funniest things I’ve read in ages!

Death On The Stairs

This is, without a doubt, the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me. Let me set the scene; it was a glorious Sunday afternoon, the sun was shining and I was sat in the pub with a large group of friends. Also with us, were a few people I hadn’t met before, but were ‘friends of friends’, so, being the gentleman I am, I was chatting to them and trying not to make myself look a twat.

It was soon my turn to get a round of drinks in. I took everyone’s order and made my way to the bar, asking Sue, one of the girls I’d only just met, to give me a hand with them. At the bar, we had a bit of awkward, forced conversation whilst waiting for the drinks. It was then that it happened. The most God awful thing that will happen to…

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Stopping Smoking Again – Day Twenty

The last twenty days haven't really been that taxing apart from the odd craving which was caused by either alcohol or eating a certain meal. Went out to Leeds on Saturday and got pretty drunk and didn't really think about smoking much which is always a good sign - its hardest when you have had... Continue Reading →

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