Plane Pics! #AvGeek #JadedThunder

I’m more of a cycling geek rather than an aviation geek but living so close to RAF Leeming means I can see quite a lot of activity at the base, especially when they hold exercises such as Jaded Thunder.

From my study as I worked away hard I managed to snap a few pictures of aircraft that in the UK you don’t see on a daily basis.

First up – the A10 Thunderbolt II – or as you may know it – The Warthog.  I’ve loved these planes ever since I was a boy so to see them flying around your house on an exercise is amazing!


A-10 taxiing to the runway mid hailstorm


A-10 taking off from RAF Leeming

Next is a kind of helicopter / plane hybrid – the V-22 Osprey.  This is particularly impressive as it can take off and land vertically but once it’s airborne it’s very fast and rapid.


V-22 approaching RAF Leeming to land


The Osprey setting down

One thing we do see quite a lot of around here is a Chinook helicopter and I spotted one land today.  Not the greatest of photos but that plane it is landing behind might just be a C-32 which is a pretty big plane for Leeming.  There is a few tweets about it heading over from the US today but I’m not 100% sure if it is.  I will go and investigate later.


A Chinook landing behind what might be a C-32

I’ve been reliably told that today is the last day of flying but it’s been great while it lasted.

Dutch??? A Man’s Guide To Paying The Bill…

First date. You want to impress. You’ve got your decent clothes on, you’ve showered this week, you’ve even put that good perfume you got for Christmas. You’ve matched them on POF and they seem normal, which is a bonus on that website.

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way. You met, she didn’t run away, you haven’t run away, you have dinner… So… Who pays the bill…

Men have two options: Pay the bill or split the bill. (Or do as I do, pay the bill on the sly and don’t leave the choice). Pay and you are the daddy, you have impressed. Split and you are showing you might be tight.

Women have two options: Split and seem really cool, happy to share the costs, but maybe doing so means you aren’t that interested… Or sit and don’t pay… If man pays early you are in, if it gets drawn out you seem expectant.

What a minefield. The answer is, lads, always pay on a first date. If she likes you you’ll get much more in return. Not meaning sex. If she’s not keen out of politeness she’ll split the bill anyway. 

If you hate her, split the bill, or say you are going to the loo and run off. Don’t actually do that, it’s rude.

I’m drunk, that’s all I have to say. Lads pay! 

The Tour De France In Yorkshire – Blog #1


It’s that time of year again – the biggest bike race in the world begins in the next few days and it starts in God’s Own County, Yorkshire.

Last year I was fortunate enough to travel to France to watch two stages of the Tour (see my previous blogs here) but this year I have a little less distance to travel as the stages come to York and pass close to my hometown, Northallerton.

Stage one will see us spectating from Aysgarth and then cycling a few miles to pick the race up as it passes through Leyburn, giving us a rare opportunity to see the riders twice.  Stage two is going to be a more touristy affair – picnicking at York Racecourse for the start of the race then heading into the city to watch the action unfold with a few pints.

Hopefully the weather will hold out and the racing be everything I hope it is.  From what I’ve seen in York already Yorkshire is ready to welcome the Tour and put itself on the world map when it comes to hosting the Grand Depart 2014.  Allez Yorkshire.

Arsenal fans who want rid of Wenger remember this…

You sack him and you won’t be qualifying for the Champions League for the next ten years in a row.  Be careful what you wish for and remember, 68 Football League teams’ supporters would love to be finishing 4th in the Premier League every season.  You lot (the Wenger out boys) sound like a bunch of ungrateful fans lacking in class.  Speak to fans of clubs not lucky enough to be competing for silverware every season, supporting you team isn’t about winning things.  Consider yourself lucky your victories aren’t just surviving.  You are fortunate supporting Arsenal – don’t forget that.

Sick Of Arsenal Fans Moaning

I’m absolutely sick of hearing Arsenal fans moaning on about how they haven’t won a trophy in years and how Wenger should be sacked. What a total joke they are.

Surely supporting a club doesn’t mean slag it off constantly because you aren’t winning? Arsenal fans a privileged that they support a team with the ability to get into the Champions League and compete with the biggest teams in the world.

I’m a Boro fan and would be over the moon if we had a squad like Arsenal’s. it’s about time they started supporting their club and be happy that they are a lucky set of fans to have the club they do.

Well I’m Now Officially Divorced!!!

Wow, it’s been over a month since my last blog, about time I posted something!!

Went to the old pub last night to pick up my car tax and there was a letter from Darlington Court regarding the divorce… It only turns out my divorce was finalised on my birthday, February 6th!!

The only disappointment was I didn’t know before valentines day as if I’d let the women of the world know I’m newly divorced I’m sure yesterday the marriage proposals would have been flooding in!! Haha!

Anyway, off to the shop for some bacon, take it easy!! 😄👍

Joff’s New Year Message

Hello and Happy New Year!

2012 has been a great year for sporting achievement, none so much as Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour De France, Olympic Time Trial Gold & BBC Sports Personality Of The Year.  Brad, or Sir Brad as we now must call him, along with his Team Sky colleagues have triggered an addiction to cycling in me and I can’t get enough of it.  Football is good, but cycling is better.  It has everything – superhuman team and individual efforts, tactics, controversy, glamour, secrecy and speed.  There are not idiots in cycling like Rio Ferdinand or El Hadji Diouf, only supreme athletes.  That’s right, they don’t spit on kids either.

But no matter the achievements of Team Sky and Sir Wiggo the highlight of the year, bar non, was the efforts of Felix Baumgartner and the Red Bull Stratos team and their ‘Space Jump’.

This was our generations’ moon landings.  It captured the world as we all watched Felix travel 24 miles up, towards the edge of space, and jump out of his capsule to accomplish the highest skydive ever.

I hope that 2013 can top what 2012 brought.  In addition to the above we have seen the Olympics, the Diamond Jubilee and the discovery of the Higgs Boson amongst many other things – it will be a hard year to follow.  On a personal note 2013 will see me moving house, changing job and starting an exciting venture with Middlesbrough Football Club.  I can’t wait!

I hope you all had a great time on New Years Eve and have a great 2013.


Stray Nipple Hair!!

One of the funniest things I’ve read in ages!

Death On The Stairs

This is, without a doubt, the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me. Let me set the scene; it was a glorious Sunday afternoon, the sun was shining and I was sat in the pub with a large group of friends. Also with us, were a few people I hadn’t met before, but were ‘friends of friends’, so, being the gentleman I am, I was chatting to them and trying not to make myself look a twat.

It was soon my turn to get a round of drinks in. I took everyone’s order and made my way to the bar, asking Sue, one of the girls I’d only just met, to give me a hand with them. At the bar, we had a bit of awkward, forced conversation whilst waiting for the drinks. It was then that it happened. The most God awful thing that will happen to…

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Stopping Smoking Again – Day Twenty

The last twenty days haven’t really been that taxing apart from the odd craving which was caused by either alcohol or eating a certain meal. Went out to Leeds on Saturday and got pretty drunk and didn’t really think about smoking much which is always a good sign – its hardest when you have had a drink!

One problem that I am finding is that I am starting to forget to take my Champix tablets – this is a pain. Its good because it means I’m not thinking about smoking but its bad because if I don’t complete the course of tablets I am more likely to start again.

Anyway, fingers crossed and hopefully I’ll be smoke free in another 20 or so days!!