Motivation, or the correct motivation…

This last week, since my 50 mile ride, I have found cycling motivation pretty hard to come by.  I’m not sure if this is due to spending every minute thinking about moving house or preparing to move house but it may well be – moving is stressful.

This week has been packing boxes, moving boxes, thinking about wallpaper, looking at wallpaper, looking at van hire, looking at paint, planning how I’m moving stuff then along cam the bank holiday weekend and with it two planned drinking  events with one not so planned.

The resultant drinking and moving stuff meant 6 miles cycled, a pathetic total, and now the bikes have to be packed for moving.  It might be two weeks before I get out again.  I have failed badly.  Once the move is done I really need to get the miles in.


A busy but relaxing month off!

Last week I came back from 28 days holiday which saw me dog sitting, sunbathing and drinking!

First stop was a weeks dog sitting in Winsford, Cheshire, for my sister.

There are some lovely dog walks in the area that pass quite a few pubs and of course it is quite close to Knowsley Safari Park (see previous blog).

Next up a nice relaxing trip to Bridlington.

I thought that Alfie would be ok let off his lead at the beach but he buggered straight off and I spent the result of the morning chasing him around the beach!

Finally it was time to go to Lanzarote for two weeks.

Donning my new pink and black shorts I enjoyed sunning myself in 30 degrees heat for two weeks, along with losing a few days through hangovers!

Aside from a night out in Northallerton upon my return home that was it. The month passed really quickly – it just a shame now that I’ve no holiday left until January!

When we got back to the pub there was a nice invite to the Knavesmire Beer Festival, and it would be rude not to…


Unfortunately I found the nectar that was ‘Black Rat Perry’ and with an abv of 7.5% it was always going to end in tears and I woke with the mother of all hangovers the following day. Oh well, until the next time…

Majorca Part 4

It’s the penultimate day of our two weeks in the sun and despite it being amazing just chilling out I’m ready to get back home and see Alfie.

The past few days we have just lounged around by the pool, slept in and had a few beers. Tonight we are off to get some presents then get an early night so we are fresh for our travel tomorrow.

Here’s a few pics of the places we’ve been, and the hotel:





Majorca Part 3

Today sees the halfway point of our holiday and my face has swollen up due to toothache. To remedy this I’m going to see the doctor, who previously quoted me €90 to look in my gob to tell me I need antibiotics (this I already know), and a further €20 for said antibiotics. So, we are having a few beers on our way to see him (see photo), and also some king prawns. He’s gonna love my breath!


Majorca Part 2

Well were are about a third of the way through our holiday and I have sunburn, tooth ache and yesterday I think I broke my toe. Apart from that the holiday is great! Spent yesterday at a lovely beach (see pics below) and today I have been mostly eating pork.

One interesting question that the holiday has raised is when a lady has thrush do you apply natural yoghurt to the minge area, or eat it? (For the record Bex is not suffering from thrush.)

Today I saw an interesting tractor, a pic of which is also below. I also saw a TV with Jeremy Kyle on – is there nowhere he hasn’t infiltrated yet? I stopped and watched, but only for 2 mins… No wonder the Spanish have such a poor opinion of us…

Tonight we are off to watch more football… Bex insisted…






Majorca Part 1

Couldn’t believe how hot it was yesterday! Anyway, went out and had a look round, sunbathed then we got smashed! Felt terrible all day today but it was raining so it didn’t matter… Now me and Bex are sat outside a bar in the town watching Jeff on Soccer Saturday. Needless to say Bex isn’t enjoying Soccer Saturday as much as me…

Right, gotta stop being a saddo writing this shit whilst on holiday, more beer please bar man!

Here’s some pics from yesterday…







Stag Party Tunes

These two have popped up on my iTunes in the last few days reminding me of some class stag trips I’ve been on in the last few years.

This reminds me of a mental trip to Ibiza in 2008 for my mate Dean’s wedding.  Was my first time in Ibiza and it didn’t disappoint.  Here is a pic of the stag:

The other was a lads trip to Blackpool for Corny’s stag.  All weekend he was singing this bloody tune which unfortunately I love now…

It was a mint weekend, and in line with Ibiza here is an embarrassing pic of the stag:

You just gotta love stag parties.

Donk’s Stag Do in Blackpool

As Vinnie Jones would say “Its been emotional” and it was.  What a couple of amazing days out with lads new and old in the Stag Do capital of the north, Blackpool!!

It was an early start as @jasecarr and @boroketty pulled up in Jase’s Ford Fiesta and I was bundled in the back for the two-hour drive to Blackers.  We were first to arrive at our destination, dropped our bags of with the gayest landlord in Blackpool and we made our way into town to watch the darts!

Inside Blackpool's Winter Gardens

Inside the Winter Garden’s is amazing.  The atmosphere is very special and everyone is there purely to have an amazing time.  We settled down to watch Wade v Jones and Klaason v Whitlock, sunk a good gallon of ale and got very merry.  I had a nice little touch with my Wade Whitlock double which made the afternoon a little cheaper and before we knew it the darts was over.

Next stop – Brannigans, where I was duly dropped on my head after performing a nude booty shake on our stag… I must have been really spaced out as I can’t really remember much in there but before we knew it we were off again, back to the rooms to get changed and out yet again!

The night was quality, we got split up but Andy, Pete and myself rocked it until the early hours in Walkabout and Rumours and suffered for it in the morning.

Saturday morning brought a lovely brekkie, then back to sleep for four hours

Bad Tat for an Irishman?

as I was wrecked still.  Anyway, from bed to the Jagged Thistle and further up into town for more beers and fun!  We ended up in a daft theme pub where the music was loud and Bangers got his clothes ripped off him!

Saturday night was much more of the same, drinking, more drinking and more drinking still.  Met a weird Irish man who has this tatoo that he got as a joke… he won his £5 bet after getting it!  Very strange!  Saturday night ended at 3:00am with the fourth trip to McDonalds of the weekend and bed.

My hangover has taken two days to subside, and I’m now looking forward to this coming weekends activities – a wedding!  Should be a good do, nice food and great company.  So I’ll leave my quick blog post there and I’ll let you know how this weekend goes in due course!!