Cat C Upgrade

So the day arrived... I got upgraded from Cat D to Cat C and the gravy train of podiums (24) and wins (15) is now over.It was coming. It's been coming for a couple of months but the last series that I raced in D didn't have the opposition to push me to break the... Continue Reading →


Biggest month yet! 501 miles! Very happy with that. Not sure why I did so much but I enjoyed it. Another bonus is being so far ahead of pace. This translates to a predicted year end of nearly 5,000 miles. To get anywhere near to that would be amazing. I'll have to keep an eye... Continue Reading →

Ticking over in July

Drum roll... 438 miles! A bit down on June but still a decent amount of miles to keep the clock ticking over! And as I have completed more miles that target I am now even further ahead of target: My previous highest annual cycling total was 2,255 miles. It looks that this will be surpassed... Continue Reading →

Forgotten June

Had a great June, probably too busy cycling to write about it!  So this will be brief - normal service to be resumed at the end of July. Still not 100% health wise. I'm having the odd bouts of dizziness and phlegm but thankfully it isn't affecting my cycling. So June... 481 miles! My best... Continue Reading →


Quite happy with May. I've this last week started to feel normal again but I'm getting fatter, I know I am, I'm eating chocolate like it's going out of fashion as I've finally given up vaping. I gave up on the 18th May as my chest was getting quite bad and it seemed very silly... Continue Reading →

April… Cool

April is a mixed but kinda successful bag. The illness that's been dragging on didn't want to shift so I finally called the doctor. Turns out I've had some kind of virus that ended up as a chest infection. Anyway, a course of antibiotics a couple of weeks into April sorted me right out and... Continue Reading →

Virus-ridden March

So we started off with the best of intentions and then something a little bigger than cycling came along... COVID-19. I started off March quite well having a 56 mile week 1 total but then I got ill again. I managed to cycle through the last cold but this one knocked me for six and... Continue Reading →

February Disaster

Well having smashed January I had a rather large blip in February.  it would appear returning back to alcohol, holidays and illness aren't good for training and weight loss! The only good thing about February was my FTP increase 245 watts. As we can see here I have only added 109 miles to this years... Continue Reading →

January done!!!

Pretty pretty good as LD would say... So what do we have here?  This, dear readers, is an 'Info Wheel'.  It's a wheel with 'info' on it.  Info is short for 'information'.  We good so far? Right, what does the info wheel tell us?  It tells us that Joff rode 368 miles in January both... Continue Reading →

Goalz Bro, Goalz

Long time no speak!  I'll be honest, I lost the love.  Injury, boozing too much, mates getting quicker than me, some mates not cycling any more - the list of excuses is endless! Look at these shit stats from 2019... A dreadful effort.  1,491 is my second worst annual total since I 'properly' started cycling... Continue Reading →

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