Here we go (again)!

Pinch, punch, first of the month. Weigh day. Start of the comeback day. Full of cold day!

1st December

Weighed in at 246 pounds. Put 2 on from last week but have been eating a lot of shit. Getting to the end of my cold but still very bunged up. Will try to do some Zwift later on, even if it is just 30 mins at a very steady pace. I have to ride the RWB Primor League tomorrow night regardless of this cold anyway to secure my league win so may as well crack on today.

Starting the old calorie counting today. That will be grim! Out on York on Saturday for a meal so will try and be good until then.

2nd December

Primor League. Still bunged up but managed to get 2nd place on a hilly course. That secured my league win and I think I get a real life jersey although I need to enquire about that!

Felt ok but now two or three days enforced rest due to a family meal this weekend and the England game on Sunday.

Will resume next week and go again.

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