It was going so well…

It’s a funny old game… Shit, wrong sport. The World Cup has gone to my head!

Look at the size of me in that photo. I’m embarrassed. It was a candid shot taken by my mate’s son, Seth. It really made me think about how fat I have become after losing a fair bit last year.

Cycling. It taketh and it giveth. It gave me some fitness as the start of the year then it taketh my fitness right back thanks to my stupid groin. I had a long time off the bike and I’ll be honest, it has taken its toll. I have really struggled mentally to get back into the groove.

The weight has been coming back and that hasn’t helped. Well it’s helped me romp home in some Zwift races as I’m stuck in Cat D but that’s really the only benefit. I used to be a B. Something has to give but December isn’t the best time to start anything – it’s bloody cold outside for one!

Small steps. That is what is needed. The best period of weight loss I had was when I Zwifted or cycled every day. I think this might have to be the starting point. More active days on the bike. Christmas is a busy time so if I’m home I need to be Zwifting. This will start on December 1st (it would start today but I am full of cold).

Diet. Not dieting but counting the calories of what I eat. It’s too easy to smash the food back in December so we’ll stop that now. That starts today because a cold doesn’t stop me opening my mouth.

Will have a weigh-in on December 1st and go from there. Will try and be accountable on here weekly again.

Accountability is a strange one. I have found myself withdrawing from social media, messaging people, meeting people. It’s not healthy. I need to get back in the game. Get back out there and start enjoying things again.

It was a mate’s funeral last week. I got far too drunk. It was a bit of an eye opener for me that things need to change. Life is too short.


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