Week 23 & 24 – Back At It!

Sunday 12th June

16 days since riding so it was time to see if the groin had improved, especially with the beautiful weather!

Went out for a 22 mile flat loop and it felt ok. Muscles aching everywhere and I think I felt the twinge again but no where near as bad as before. As it was only a short ride no time for a mid-ride cafe stop so ended up at The Sprouted Kitchen for some delicious eggs…

A few days rest then I will try again. Riding… not eggs!

Monday 13th June

Legs felt like I had ridden 200 miles. Destroyed! More rest needed.

Wednesday 15th June

Same loop as Sunday, a bit quicker and a bit more power. Felt good. No groin pain. Spotted a lake thing. Weather was stunning!

Thursday 16th June

Back out on the same loop but in reverse. Less speed and power – not sure if that’s fatigue or if I am just afraid to push on as it’s a back to back ride.

These updated are a bit dull but a will take a day’s rest on Friday and then head out on a longer trip Saturday. Thinking a nice flat one to the cafe in Boroughbridge. Fingers crossed.

Saturday 18th June

Saturday was a strange day all round! One of the lads doing the Lincoln 262 had a mechanical so ended up back home for a short bike ride with me.

Well twenty odd miles later and the groin was back hurting so off we went home. It looks like it’s no where near being better so maybe I need another 2 weeks off, or just really cut down on mileage.

It’s quite annoying really as the doctor thought two weeks rest would be enough but it obviously isn’t. Hopefully the ultrasound will come through quickly and I can see if there is any damage or if it’s just going to hurt for a bit and heal itself.

As I type (Monday) it is still sore from Saturday so maybe I’ll lay off it this week and try again the following week. It’s typical as the weather is beautiful as it always is when I can’t ride.

So next update might not be for a couple of weeks but I’m sure it won’t be missed! 😀


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