Week 19 – Highs and Lows

Well some good news to start the week with! After a week of watching what I eat and cutting back on the beer I weighed in at 232 lbs which is a 5 lb loss! Excellent! Now I know some of this will be my body adjusting to my new diet and probably some fluids but it is a cracking start and gives me motivation to keep at it. Hoping for around a 2 lb weekly loss so that is the target for next week.

Tuesday 10th May

Zwift Racing League – but not for me! As I said last week I would not be riding this round as it involves a large climb so I was on DS duties.

On longer climbs, particularly with efforts of 20 minutes and above, a riders power numbers can sneak up to category limits and risk a DQ. It was mine and another lads job to watch these numbers and make sure our riders were safe and would get round within the limit. Unfortunately we failed our best rider Nick who edged above the limit and was sadly excluded from the results. 

It would appear that Nick was running at 3.5 w/kg up the climb which is right at the limit but when Zwift Power finalised the numbers they had him down at 3.6 w/kg. It seems that as the live data is only updated every 30 seconds there is a margin of error and something we didn’t consider.

I do feel pretty responsible but Nick was great about it. It is a shame as he has been a vital part of the team and it would have been nice to end the season with a great points haul but sadly it was not meant to be. Sorry mate!

So what does all of this mean? Well thankfully we were well clear at the top of the league and only needed to get 4 riders over the finish line to secure top spot and we did. Our first ever league win. Fantastic stuff and what a great way to end an enjoyable season.

There are two more races left, a kind of Champions League thing, but I’m not sure if I’ll be selected as I have previously indicated I will let my subscription lapse for the summer but in light of our win I have said that I will pay for another month if the team needs me. It was a great feeling on Tuesday night just watching the lads win so it will be a shame to let any of them down.

Wednesday 11th May

You may recall last week I pulled my groin. Well after a couple of days rest I tried a steady 16 mile Zwift ride today too see how it feels. I think it was ok and I’ve not done any major damage.

I will maybe have another go tomorrow just to make sure then rest on Friday as we have a fairly big ride on Saturday so I want to not only be fresh but to be fit.

Saturday 14th May

Total disaster strikes. Planned on doing a 70 mile group ride and 6 miles in my groin starts again. Devastated is not the word. From the highs on Tuesday to the depths of despair Saturday. It throws my Lincoln 262 in to doubt as I’ll have to rest all week, losing fitness, and the try again next weekend. If it hasn’t healed by then I’m going to struggle to get back up to speed for such a big ride.

Going to look online for some stretches and exercises and there is no way I’m climbing on a bike until Saturday – or even Sunday. 

Sniper Attack!

As cycling was such a disaster this week I will at least reflect on the best thing to happen… I found my NERF gun! So I laid in wait for the wife to come home and launched an all our sniper assault on her. Harry was my assistant letting me know the wind direction so all bullets hit their targets. And that’s how exciting this week was! 😂

Have a good week everyone 👍🏻


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