Week 18 – Up Redmire!

Weighed myself this week and it was not good!!! 237 pounds which means I have gained 2 STONE in a year. That’s everything I lost. Action needs to be taken so I have my starting point and will be not only upping the mileage but reducing beer and food.

Tuesday 3rd May

My final Zwift Racing League event of the season – a Team Time Trial around the Watopia Figure 8 course. My team instructions were to get over climb one and then pull the team to climb two so the lighter riders could accelerate on at the point. In the main it worked but the fatigue from Saturday’s 100 mile ride was evident in my legs. I managed 13 miles and then the lads hit the climb and rode to the finish.

We finished 3rd out of 5 teams but luckily the team in 2nd position in the league didn’t make the start line so we ended up 12 points clear and virtually guaranteed the win (and virtual winners helmet) next week. We just have to finish.

As I am the heaviest rider in our team I won’t be riding next week as it involves a 25 minute climb so, as they say, my work here is done! It has been a good season and will be the first time we have won the league but as the weather has improved I’ve found myself wanting to ride outside on a Tuesday instead of on Zwift. The end of the season is coming at the right time.

Thursday 5th May

Went for a little trundle to Masham and then home via West Tanfield. Legs were still fatigued from Saturday and coupled with the breeze it was a bit of a struggle!

Friday 6th May

Quick 45 mins on Zwift at Zone 1 / Zone 2 to try and loosen the legs ahead of Saturday’s ride which has a few hills. Fingers crossed it works!

Saturday 7th May

Managed to get 6 lads out for today’s ride to the Dales Bike Centre. It was an unusually early start with us meeting at the bike shop at 7:20am but at least I would be back for the football at 12:30pm!

We headed towards the climb at Redmire and then descended into Grinton for the cafe stop. I felt pretty good on the way and clocked up a few PB’s including the Redmire climb where I managed a time of 22:23 averaging 299 watts. I’m delighted with that as despite my weight I have the power there still.

Great food as always at the Bike Centre and then back home. Got a slight twinge in my groin on the way back but now I’m home it doesn’t seem to be causing me any problems. It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning all round, especially with the PB!

Sunday 8th May

Up at 2am to take James to the airport so initially planned on stopping on the way home and doing a few climbs around Stanhope but we made very good time so I was a bit early and tired. Abandoned that idea and opted for a few early miles at home. 10 miles in the groin started hurting again so the ride was cut short and home I went. Big shame as it was lovely out.

Gonna have a day or two off to catch up on much needed rest. Have a good week 👍🏻


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