Week 15 – Cinder Track

Had a dodgy old start to the week which involved trying to decide if I had Covid or a cold or heyfever. You have to love this time of year when all the dirty pollens come out and infect our airways with irritants!

Turns out I had heyfever. This coupled with a very busy few days at work and some crap weather meant the riding this week did not start until Friday.

Friday 15th April – Cinder Track

I’ve wanted to ride the Cinder Track for some time so Good Friday with it’s half decent weather forecast seemed like a great time.

The track is 21 miles from Whitby to Scarborough and encompasses tarmac, gravel, woodland and even some cobbles. Quite fitting with Paris-Roubaix this weekend.

We decided to start at Whitby, mainly because it is closer to home, then have lunch in Scarborough and ride back to Whitby.

It’s a nice route that is not too hilly but some sections need a bit of work after winter. There are areas with deep potholes that stretch the entire width of the road that slow you down significantly. I’d imagine the walkers aren’t please to meet these muddy holes too!

I won’t bore you too much about the ride itself so instead I’ll bore you with a video and some photos that I took on the ride. If you get the chance to ride the track be warned you will need an MTB or gravel bike – it’s a bit too rough for a road bike.

Sunday 17th April

Back to normal now – steady road ride with Robbo. Legs were still knackered from the gravel ride on Friday. Gravel seems to be tougher and more of a constant effort rather than a steady road ride with plenty of opportunity for freewheeling!

Decided on a flat route to Boroughbridge along the usual route but at Boroughbridge we decided to head over to Masham via Ripon and Grewelthorpe to add a bit of easy elevation to the ride.

Time to kick on…

With 100 miles in the bank over the bank holiday weekend it might just be the time to kick on and correct the poor start to the year. This time last year I had ridden over 1,000 miles more and this in itself highlights where I have failed. 

Got a half decent spell of weather coming up so planning on some early morning rides mixed in with Zwift and evening rides alongside the usual weekend bigger ride. Hopefully the increase in mileage will help get the weight down and put me in good stead for the upcoming Lincoln 262.

I’m going to start watching the calories on My Fitness Pal too – I really need to lose a bit of weight – my gilet won’t zip up anymore! So maybe we are back to this being a training blog… who knows.

Hope you all had a great bank holiday weekend. Ride safe 👍🏻


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