Week 14…

So we are officially not a training diary. Just a diary of sorts. Maybe we’ll see some movement towards my goals as I do really plan on upping the miles and elevation. So maybe this is an accountability blog?

Tuesday 5th April

Zwift Racing League is back!!!

Road to Ruins. An 18.7 mile race with 879 feet of climbing which includes a gravel section where time can be made up if you can change your bike quickly enough. Well that was my tactic.

Started off well in the front group with the pace very easy as we approached the first climb of the day. Kept with the leaders for the steep parts but then quickly fell away, going from 13th to 21st as we reached the top, losing 33 seconds to my team mate Peter who started the climb 3 seconds back. As we descended into the jungle I was with another team mate David (who had caught me at the top of the climb) but we were isolated. A decision was needed to be made about swapping to my gravel bike.

I was about 8 seconds ahead of two riders and would lose around 12 seconds with the bike change so thought I could make that back so I switched. It was the right choice. I soon caught the two who just passed me and then reeled David back in. Next in my sights was another two riders up the road and then Peter’s group which contained 3 riders. Over the next couple of miles I managed to catch Peter’s group but I was pretty knackered, especially as the road had now gone upwards – we were on climb 2.

Working together myself and Peter managed to drop the stragglers and headed back to the tarmac in a good position. Unfortunately I had to change bike again but this time I only lost around 8 seconds and as we were still on the climb I was up to speed pretty quickly. I was in 16th position on the road and made up around 45 seconds thanks to my bike swap.

We then pushed to catch the two riders up the road who had about 12 seconds on us.  Peter had a bit more in his legs and managed to catch them but I was still 7 seconds back.  Peter managed to slow them down enough for me to get back on with around 3 miles to go so it was time to think about the sprint.

Peter and another rider went for it but I missed the jump slightly but managed to beat the remaining rider so rolled in 15th. Not bad.

It wasn’t a course for me really, the climbs were a bit too long, but 15th was a great result. I was worried I’d lost some form but I felt fresh and was able to push pretty hard until the end. I will improve as the season goes on so ended the race feeling pretty good and looking forward to the rest of the season.

Wednesday 6th April

Had every intention of jumping on Zwift but work got in the way. I have no idea where the time went but before I knew it 6pm had arrived and I had shitloads to do. Will ride tomorrow.

Thursday 7th April

Just a 10 mile cruise round London on Zwift this morning.

Saturday 9th April

Had family stay over the weekend so took the opportunity with Brian to get out for a nice ride up to Brymor Ice Cream before dinner.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit please do – the ice cream is delicious! I had a scoop of Pecan Praline and a scoop of Vanilla.  

Not getting the miles in that I would have hoped and starting over time at work isn’t going to help this but with the Easter Bank Holidays approaching there is a chance for some decent miles. 


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