Week 13 Of Not Training…

Slight title change as I’m not really training for anything now, just riding. The Beast refund came through this week and to be honest it was a weight off my mind.

I started these weekly blogs as there was a chance that I was to appear in Cycling Weekly and needed a record of my Beast Training for an article about ‘My Fitness Journey’ but as that journey didn’t really get started I was considering knocking these on the head but it is quite therapeutic getting stuff down on ‘paper’. I will continue for my own benefit as if I manage to do the whole year it might be quite interesting (for me) to look back on 2022 and see where I went wrong. The Beast might get done next year.

Wednesday 30th March

WEDU Wednesday on Zwift. Not much motivation so far this week. The weather after being so lovely has turned and it is COLD. Doesn’t half get you down but thankfully an easy virtual ride kicked things off.

Thursday 31st March

Individual TT on Zwift. One of the forum lads set a meet up so I tagged along and had a go. It’s been a while since I have done a TT and couldn’t really be bothered.  For some reason I got dropped at the start and spent the first 5 miles riding too quickly trying to catch up.  At the little climb halfway I couldn’t be arsed anymore so sat up. Cruised round the remainder and got the second slowest time.

My efforts up to the halfway point didn’t go unnoticed by the Zwift Gods who let me know that I have increased my FTP to 292 watts which was quite a surprise. Disaster of a ride but a nice bonus at the end. Things are slowly going in the right direction.

Saturday 2nd April

Steady road ride with Andy and Rob to Roots for breakfast. Bloody cold start but it soon warmed up. It was Andy’s first ride back after his operation so we took it steady but think we all enjoyed the leisurely pace and the chats en route.

Got a bit greedy at the cafe and really enjoyed this breakfast wrap. Was pricy though – £22 for a wrap, bacon sandwich, latte, cappuccino and espresso. Roots always seems up there on the expensive end but I suspect that we’ll see cafe stop costs going up everywhere with inflation the way it is coupled with the 7.5% VAT increase on 1st April.

Tory Britain – what a time to be alive.

Possibility of going to Belgium in a few weeks to cycle. Once I have sorted the van on Sunday I’ll see if it’s feasible but what a treat that would be. Tackling some cobbles and some climbs might just be what the doctor ordered.

Zwift Racing League starts Tuesday so a bit more structure to the week will automatically result so I am hoping these next six weeks will be positive and I can get a bit fitter and a bit trimmer.

Have great Sunday kids!


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