Training Diary – Week 11

Had some very kind comments after my last blog post which I really appreciated. It’s nice that people care but also nice that they actually read this crap! Thanks to those who did.

Not overly worrying about sessions this week, just trying to enjoy riding. Tuesday’s Zwift race felt like a real chore so I skipped it and was guilt free in doing so. It was a 75 minute race and starting a bit late so it would be a 9pm finish, maybe 9:30pm by the time I’d cooled down and showered so it was swerved. Spent some time with the Mrs instead. Balance innit?

Wednesday 16th March

Morning ride. Like early morning! 6pm start to meet Robbo at 6:15pm for an hour and I really enjoyed it.

It started chilly but soon warmed up in winter kit. The roads were quiet and there is something quite soothing about starting a ride in the dark and seeing the sky become brighter.

Upon getting home we had no coffee, no bread and no milk so jumped on the gravel bike and went to the local Spar. Using the bike you can cheekily avoid the dreaded roadworks and make the trip in 10 minutes. Bikes for the win! Had another win as spotted some reduced sausages and bread buns so breakfast was sorted too. Talk of another morning ride tomorrow…

Thursday 17th March

The weather transpired against us again. Woke to a pretty bad frost so didn’t want to risk it at 6am. Instead decided to take the gravel bike god walking in the afternoon.

Amazingly after the frost it turned out to be warm enough for shorts (and far too warm for my coat!). It was only 10 miles but they are better in the bank than on the van odometer.

Saturday 19th March

Planned my biggest ride of the year so far today – 58 miles. Not very far all things considered. I thought that I’d be doing centuries by now if Beast Training was in full flow but shit happens.

We were spoiled by beautiful weather and even more beautiful scenery as we rode around the Howardian Hills on our way to Easingwold.

After a nice bacon butty it was a flat 23 miles back home with a slight tailwind – just what the doctor ordered!

I was quite impressed to average over 17 mph and have normalised power of 230 watts for the duration of the ride. The first 30 miles were fairly hilly and the old legs coped quite well. I’d be far quicker with a bit of weight off but that’s for April.

The ride was the perfect kickstart for Monday and Tuesday before we go to Kent for the funeral. If I get some half decent rides in before we go I shouldn’t lose too much fitness by Sunday and I’ll try and get a good quality ride in then to catch up.

Have a good week.


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