Training Diary – Week 9

So last week was crazy but hoping going forward I can get back into the training routine but with a little less pressure from a strict professional training plan.

I have every intention, circumstances allowing, to link up with Tom again in April so thought it best to continue in the same way that his programme dictated. I’ll keep the Zwift racing on Tuesday, try a double session on Wednesday with a fasted morning ride and instead of a workout on Thursday try and get a regular Zwift race to try to simulate interval efforts. Saturday will then be a road ride with increasing lengths and Sunday will be rest.

I’m going to do my best to keep it regular and not copy Tom’s workouts as best as I can as it’s not fair to just copy and paste everything he did with me. His training was working and you have to pay for that. If I’m doing my own thing I need to try to be original. I hope that makes sense.

Monday 28th February

As usual I used Monday as a rest day just to try and keep the routine. I had a look at Training Peaks and the basic package allows you to build workouts so I made a 17 minute warm up plan to complete before tomorrows final Zwift Racing League event. Hopefully it will transfer nicely to Zwift and gives my warm up a bit more structure.

Tuesday 1st March

Spring is here allegedly! Did the usual long day at work and then loaded up my warm up workout AND it worked a treat! Felt pretty good at the end and it gave me 7-8 mins before the race to get sorted and chat to the lads on Discord.

Tonight’s course was a sprinters delight: Lutece Express. It’s the reverse of the usual Paris Champs Elysees route and involves a 3% drag up to the Arc de Triomphe and then a down hill sprint. Now I’m not known for my sprinting but I fancied this course for a decent result as I can cope with 3% climbs and my weight would be an advantage on the descents.

Turns out I was right! I managed to get an 8th and 10th in sprints 4 and 5 respectively, earning 4 sprint prime points and finished in 9th position on the road! My best result in ZRL since my relegation from B back to C. I was delighted!

Sadly as a team we finished 5th overall which meant we ended up 3rd in the league and missing out on promotion. We gave it our best shot but it was not to be. The silver lining is we should remain in our existing league next season and can try to do it all again.

Now I am getting somewhere with my fitness and getting close to the business end of the races I’m doubly motivated to keep going with my training.

Wednesday 2nd March

Started the day with a fasted 45 minute ride. Found it ok but I could feel that I was racing last night in my legs! Got on with work and then had a look for a suitable event to join.

I settled on the Castelli Squadra Group Workout around London. The workout looked challenging and you got an in game jersey – what is not to love? It was 52 minutes long and you can kind of see on the left of the image below what it involved.

I didn’t count on the jersey being neon pink but I suppose it is different to the usual stuff you see on the virtual roads. I found the first couple of blocks (the x4 on the pic above) a bit boring but the final block kicked me in the balls and it was a struggle. The racing last night and the easy ride this morning really bit back.

Despite it being a struggle I felt alright afterwards.

Planning a race tomorrow night and going to add my warm up workout in before it then a day off.

Thursday 3rd March

Opted for the Scannellatori Seriali Tour race on Zwift as it had a decent field of 47 riders in Cat C. It was a race where all Cats start at the same time so the start was pretty fast and you couldn’t easily identify who to group up with so it was heads down and bums up for the first half of lap 1.

It eventually settled down and I got into a decent group which I held until the finish and ended up 19th. Quite happy with that all things considered. Rest day tomorrow then might go out Saturday am but it looks windy and I am going car shopping so Zwift might be on the cards instead. We’ll see.

Saturday 5th March

Woke up feeling grotty so gave the ride a miss.

It’s a weird old time at home with nothing really to do but so much to do. We all seem in limbo until the funeral. As I was feeling a bit dodgy I thought it best to rest and do something with the wife. We ended up wasting the day driving to Burnley to look at a car but got to stop at Billy Bob’s Parlour for a burger and THE BEST milkshake. If you are ever over Skipton way you must visit!

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