Training Diary – Week 3

  • Weight: 229 lbs
  • FTP: 272
  • Mileage: 200

Monday 17th January

No weight loss this week which was very disappointing as I’ve tried my best to stick to 1,800 calories. Maybe it won’t be as easy to shift as last January. Legs feel great this morning and looking forward to a chilled day with a few stretches.

Tuesday 18th January

Zwift Racing League was very disappointing. I’m been feeling REALLY low these past couple of days and despite my call with Tom I wasn’t in the correct head space to be racing. I succumbed on Lap 4 and was dropped from the pack – probably through lack of fight rather than lack of ability.

Zwift said I had a new FTP of 280w which is good I suppose but it was a garbage race.

Tried the new recovery juice – it’s pretty tasty!

Wednesday 19th January

I somehow twisted my knee yesterday afternoon and it’s still painful when walking. I hope it twists back before tonight’s workout as it is a hard one.

Still feel miserable. Will see how the day goes. I have stopped doing My Fitness pal to see if that improves my mood.  Maybe I have taken on too much.

The above was written pre workout (this blog is all over the place with past and present tense!) and it just went from bad to worse!

It was meant to be a 75 minute interval session to totally exhaust my body… it appeared to do this after 45 minutes! The first power peak was 2 mins at 365 watts which I hit but as you can see the longer it went on the harder it was for me to maintain the wattage. There was another three 2 minute efforts to complete but I couldn’t continue due to a pain in my left knee which told me it was time to call it a day.

After the workout I felt even more miserable and sent a long text to Tom. Fair play to him he messaged me straight back and gave me some brilliant words of encouragement which pulled me round somewhat. Following orders I rested up for the evening and wasn’t hard on myself.

I could tell I was goosed as my HR wouldn’t get above 155bpm. Tom said this first period was designed to see what my current limits were and we have found that. My first proper training block starts next week is it’s now about ticking over and recovering until this begins in force. I am really looking forward to getting stuck into it.

Thursday 20th January

This morning I woke up with tired legs but a refreshed mind. Mentally I feel normal again which is great news. Had a fairly chilled day and then tackled the hour long recovery ride.

It was nice just to cruise around New York on Zwift doing a bit of a recce for next weeks Zwift Racing League and not have to worry about intervals!

Easy day tomorrow and then finally we might get out on a Saturday for the first time in January! Boroughbridge cafe ride here we come!

Friday 21st January

Had a relaxing day not doing much apart from work and hoovering. Paid for my February coaching and then spent the rest of the day checking the weather for tomorrow. Looking forward to going a bit further afield for the first time in a couple of months.

I have not done My Fitness Pal since Wednesday as I think I was putting a bit too much pressure on myself and that led to my mood at the early part of the week. I’ll restart next week once my brain has resent itself.

Saturday 22nd January

6am – Looks icy outside
7am – Still looks icy
8am – Went outside, road very icy
9am – Still icy, best get ready
9:30am – NO ICE!!! Let’s go!

The first Saturday ride of 2022 was GO! All suited up I went to get the bike from the office and the front tyre was flat. Fuck. Then I remembered it might have gone down because I filled it up with Co2 on Sunday when I got a puncture so I pumped it back up and hey presto it stayed up!

I had 3 staggered hill efforts to do on the ride so thought it best to get them out of the way early. Rode up to Masham to use the climb to Grewelthorpe and gave them a good go… or I thought I did. Turns out I should have left 5-10 mins in-between each effort and I did them kinda back to back. Part way up the hill, efforts, roll back down. So I cocked that right up.

As you can see I am disappointed that I messed them up! Moody sod.

That was the hardest part of today’s ride done (regardless of the cock up) so we ploughed on at a very gentle pace through Ripon and on to Boroughbridge to our usual cafe, Gilchrist’s. As we pulled up the sun was out so we took the opportunity to sit outside to each our bacon rolls and drink our cappuccinos.

Yes I know I look ridiculous in those sunglasses when coupled with a cycling cap!

The bacon butties are always excellent at Gilchrist’s and the staff are super friendly. Well worth a visit if you are cycling in the area.

So refuelled we set off home. The remainder of the ride was uneventful apart from a close pass and the legs beginning to feel it slightly the closer we got to Leeming Bar. I ended up clocking 47 miles which pathetically is my longest ride of 2022 so far. A long way from 203 miles. But it’s early eh?

Post ride I got a few Whatsapp messages when out shopping and when I looked it reported that sadly a cyclist was hit by a lorry and died in the next town along from me, Northallerton. It really brings it home how dangerous cycling can be at times especially when riding though towns. My sympathies and condolences are with the family of the rider at this terrible time.

Stay safe out there.

Two rest days are ahead now before I start on my first proper training block next week. Tomorrow will be spent sorting kit out and we’ll get cracking with the blog again next week.

Enjoy your Sunday people.

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