Training Diary – Week 2

  • Weight: 229 lbs
  • FTP: 272
  • Mileage: 98

Monday 10th January

Rest day today! Did my hip flexor stretches and just tried to watch what I ate. Whilst waiting for new saddle for Wattbike I bought some more chamois cream as I’m going through it at a rate of knots! Also bought some new recovery drink but I’ll go into that more when I use it – I’m still on the SIS Rego until it runs out.

I use the Muc-Off Luxury Chamois Cream which at the moment is very reasonably priced at £14.99 on Amazon. I do like to shop at my local bike shop, 360 Cycleworx, when I can but I was ordering some bits so stuck it in the trolly.

This stuff is luxury! It’s silky smooth on your man parts and really stops the chaffing. I get terrible sores unless I use this on a static bike – probably because I’m heavy – and this stuff makes riding so much easier.

I’ve used a few different chamois creams and in my opinion it is the best out there.

Tuesday 11th January

Race one of the new Zwift Racing League season was today! Well it should have been and this was my work out… Sadly due to some glitch none of our timezone’s leagues could get into the pens. Nightmare.

Ended up ticking off the Legends and Lava route. It seems appropriate as it’s about the usual length of my workouts and has a 10 minute effort at the end so hoping the night wasn’t a total disaster. I have a rearranged call with Coach Tom tomorrow so we’ll see what damage, if any, has been done to this weeks programme.

I’m pretty annoyed as you do spend a chunk of time preparing for these races but we all appreciate shit happens and tonight the shit really did happen. We’ll see what solution they come up with this week.

Wednesday 12th January

After the disappointment of yesterday and a nice chat with Tom on our weekly call I was revved up for tonight’s session. We revisited Descending Threshold Holds from last week to see how the fatigue from Week 1 had effected me.

Turns out the fatigue hadn’t effected me much at all and I was able to better last weeks performance.

Felt quite hungry after the ride tonight – maybe I was dehydrated. Will try to drink more water going forward.

Thursday 13th January

Another revisiting tonight – this time Pyramid Form Checker. Much like yesterday I felt good and my power number were slightly up and heart rate down.

Tom needs these comparisons so he can work out where my body suffers and what it does well. We will work on the bad stuff and hone the good stuff (in chump terms) so it is important to have performance base lines.

Obviously we are only on Week 2 but going forward the workouts will change to achieve certain goals for each training block.

Rest day tomorrow then conditions permitting a good road ride at the weekend.

Friday 14th January

Rest day. Toyed with the idea of going out for an hour but then laziness set in. I went and got some diesel for the van then settled in for the day. Got loads of housework done though…

Saturday 15th January

Ice spoils the day again! Today’s ride postponed until tomorrow. Will have a gentle spin on Zwift at some point. When will spring arrive? Will have a coffee in the bike shop – that’s the equivalent of a 45 mile training ride yeah?

Sunday 16th January

Thankfully the temperature increased enough to thaw the ice so we set out at 9:30am in the rain to get some training done. First stop was Mickley Bank (1.2 miles at 4.2%) which we were to do 4 repeats of then head to the cafe. Now I knew these would be tough as I have done no climbing of note for about 8 weeks but I struggled! My heavy arse, winter bike and full bottles didn’t help but I can see there is a lot of work to be done – thankfully I have about 22 weeks to get better!

Taking the piss about your mate getting punctures is sure to rile the Gods and sure enough on my 4th ascent POP. A 10 minute change with cold hands followed (pretty happy with that btw) and then to the cafe with dead legs.

Feeling like I was about to bonk, if I hadn’t already, chocolate and Guinness cake was ordered and consumed with little effort. The espresso was skipped in favour for a cappuccino with the hope that it’s milky goodness would aid me up the final hill on the way home.

On the final road back in my tried haze I remembered to do my 5 high cadence sprints so managed to get them in just in time before the road turned downwards and the ride suddenly became easier. At last.

As usual upon my return home my recovery drink was drunk – the last of the SIS Rego. Trying the new gear next week. A full and comprehensive review will follow in next weeks blog. Bike was cleaned, boots were cleaned and kit dumped on floor ready to go into the washing machine. I try to get as much done when I get back as it’s such a drag doing it once you have your feet up!

I could tell today was a struggle as I napped all afternoon and felt pretty rotten. Thankfully I am going to Ripon for a meal so hoping that beautiful and salty fare will perk me up so I can at least survive until 10pm or I’ll be up at silly o clock.

Monday is rest day. I need it. Have a good week kids.

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