Training Diary – Week 1

  • Weight: 234 lbs
  • FTP: 272
  • Mileage: 0

Monday 3rd January

So it begins. I’m not sure what to expect but the week hasn’t stated off great as I have some kind of head cold / hangover from Christmas which I’m struggling to shake off. I’ve not felt great over the whole festive period but hoping that once I get stuck into the plan I’ll feel much better.

Weighed myself today. Not good. 234 lbs which is 106 kg.  I was 108 kg this time last year so basically all my hard work last year came to nothing! I will not let the same happen again. I should also add here that my starting FTP is 272 which is some way down on my FTP of 6 months ago!

To help me lose the weight I’m again using My Fitness Pal and attempting Dry January. Hopefully I won’t drink alcohol until my birthday on the 6th February. I’ll treat myself to a pint of ale to commiserate being 41!


Just a couple of goals that I should mention:

  • Weight down to 85kg by 25 June 2022 (date of the Yorkshire Beast)
  • Give the Beast a bloody good go and at least beat my PB’s of 112 miles and 8,500 feet climbed

So let’s get cracking…

Tuesday 4th January

First call with Tom from Mint Cycling and first workout. Nice chat about the coming week and where we are going this month.

Tonight’s session was Descending Threshold Holds. I felt good but it was hard work – probably because I’ve done nothing really in December. I struggled in the middle but came good towards the end.

I was feeling it a bit too much on the tops of my thighs – I’m struggling with the position on the Wattbike and need to get it dialled in. Also think I need to change the saddle as it’s horrible.

Overall I was pleased despite being a bit snotty with the cold but I don’t think it bothered me too much. Recovery shake sunk and straight in the shower. Day 1 done.

Wednesday 5th January

Didn’t think I’d be training today but was please to see my Training Peaks updated with a workout. This one was a Pyramid Condition Tester which kinda ramps up and then ramps down in the same fashion. I quite enjoyed this one but experienced some pain at the inside rear of my knee. Upon further googling it turns out to be my medial collateral ligament. Not sure why it was hurting but it could be the Wattbike fit – either way I’ll keep an eye on it.

Thursday 6th January

A month to my birthday! I digress… Tonight was a tough Descending Interval Blocks workout. Started off feeling great but two thirds in I had to stop for a 30 second breather as I was totally gassed. I then finished the intervals fine but I knew I’d worked hard.

After finishing I was pretty dejected about stopping and wrote to Tom explaining what happened. Having some accountability really helps. Hopefully as the weeks progress and I get stronger this will just be a one off.

I had tea and got settled in front of the TV and felt really tired. Tried to get up and bloody hell the legs could feel it tonight. The fatigue we are trying to build has hit for the first time this week! Rest day tomorrow but have got some Hip Flexor stretches to do.

Also checked the forecast for the weekend’s outdoor ride. Saturday looks dreadful so messaged Tom to see if it can be moved to Sunday and if I need to do an additional session to avoid 2 rest days. Will report back.

Friday 7th January

Today was scheduled as a rest day but as I have had to move Saturday to Sunday I did a short 30 minute Zwift ride in Zone 2. The ride was quite successful as I finally completed the Tron Bike challenge! It’s taken me ages as I hate hilly Zwift rides!

The diet came under pressure this afternoon as I met a mate for coffee at the local bike shop. As we were leaving I was offered a cheese pastie for free and being a tight Yorkshireman I couldn’t refuse. I wolfed it down when I got home and then felt a bit guilty so the 350 calories burnt this afternoon eased that somewhat.

So tomorrow will be a proper rest day with some stretches, a couple of runs to the local tip and some DIY round my mothers house. I am looking forward to it and also looking forward to Sunday’s ride.

Saturday 8th January

Chilled out day today. Jobs done and prepped the bike for tomorrow’s ride. Very weird where swapping a 34t cassette with a 42t one – the new one looks massive! Just hope it makes Stark Bank easier…

As today was pretty jam packed despite being relaxing I totally forgot to do my stretches. I need to get these done as a priority next week. Apart from a bit of toothache all is good and I’m ready for tomorrow’s ride.

Sunday 9th January

Weight day a day early: 16 stone 5 pounds. So that’s 5 pounds down in week 1. Delighted with that!

Amazingly that’s the lightest I have been since October. Got a big Sunday dinner today so need to burn off some calories in anticipation today.

Todays ride was cold! Went up Stark Bank which is a 1.2 mile climb at 7% ish – towards the top it turned to sheet ice which made riding near impossible although one lad managed to get up avoiding the ice! I was not so lucky and had to push up the final corner as I couldn’t get any traction. A sketchy descent into Fearby followed that really knocked down our average speed then off to Masham for a coffee. The route was changed to stick to the main roads after this and we rode home.

Towards the end of the ride I was goosed. My lack of fitness is showing through but hopefully over the following weeks this will improve. Home now, bike cleaned, now a shower and then to enjoy the rest of my Sunday.

Enjoyed week one and I’m looking forward to next weeks workouts!

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