Goodbye 2021 – 2022 Let’s Smash It!

2021 has been a very busy year with my mileage goal smashed but it sadly ended with not much activity as I would have liked.

As you can see I have been active every week but slowly the activity died off as life, the weather and motivation got in the way. I am hoping next year this doesn’t happen and I can power through the colder months as I did in 2020.

The weather has been warm but it appeared that every time I was free to ride there was rain or crazy winds that just made it all the harder!

But overall I am delighted with 5,611 miles in the bank and I have bigger plans for next year!

2022 – The Year of The Beast

I felt like I needed a bigger goal in 2022 so stupidly signed up to the Yorkshire Beast. It’s a Velo29 Sportive that is 203 miles with 16,000 feet of elevation. It would smash any previous personal bests and I would need to be in the best shape of my life to complete it. 

To help me with my goal I have enlisted the help of a coach – Tom Murray of Mint Cycling. Hopefully with Tom’s help I will be able to get close to finishing the event! My previous longest ride is 112 miles and most climbing is 8,500 feet so we are doubling both of these in one ride. The challenge will be immense.

To give it a good shot I’ll need to improve my recovery, lose weight and get really cycle fit. To do this I’ll be following a structured training plan with indoor and outdoor workouts all designed by Tom with the Beast in mind. I’ll be blogging my ‘journey’ (puke) here and on my Instagram – J0ffey – please follow if you can! The aim is to get the event done and hopefully be featured in Cycling Weekly 😀

So 2022 only has 2 goals. The Yorkshire Beast and cycle 6,000 miles. Keep it simple.

If I can do these hopefully the weight will fall off.

I’ll add some detail about the Beast in my next post but I’m sat in a car outside a hotel writing this and running out of battery on my Macbook so I will leave it here for now and wish you all a Happy New Year!

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