Classic Dom

He was the Tory Brexiteer poster boy, lauded as he drove to Barnard Castle to check his eyesight as a big ‘fuck you’ to the left or in fact anyone who dared question Boris Johnson’s handling of the Covid pandemic. Yet here he is, spilling the beans on his former master with devastating effect.

This whistleblowing leaves the fanboys with a problem as 12 months ago they would have believed anything that came out of Dom’s mouth but now he’ll be a liar I presume.  It will be a U-turn that even Boris Johnson would be proud of!

He’s not only thrown himself under the bus but he’s also taken a few down with him including Johnson, Carrie Symonds and Matt Hancock. I’ll be honest, it’s been great viewing.

And Dom has pretty much confirmed what I thought all of last year – that they were incompetent and responsible for many thousands of deaths. It was obvious if you were looking. It’s nice to finally hear it from someone with a seat at the top table.

Funnily enough I have received no apologies from those who rubbished my thoughts… 

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