Only a quick one today. Had a decent March and kinda met all targets:

  • Lose 4 pounds so I get into the 14 stone range ☑️
  • Cycle Over 500 miles ☑️
  • Cycle 200 miles in a week ☑️

But having got into the 14 stone range I then put a pound on and ended up at 15 stone 0.3 pounds!!  Nightmare!

Not the usual array of stats this month but here is my wheel:

Screenshot 2021-04-02 at 06.46.28

I got around a bit this month! Even had a nice trip to Pateley Bridge in the van now lockdown has been eased a bit. It was a shorts and jersey kind of day too with an unusual high temperature of 18ºC. There are some nice photos of the day on my Instagram.

GPTempDownload 2

Well I’m not setting any targets for April, we are just gonna roll with it. The main thing though is to keep riding, and that we will. Have a good April kids x


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