Forty February

Well I did say last month that I’d have a few days off for my birthday and I did! February was and easier month miles wise but I really think my biggest gains so far cycling wise have been made.


I managed to eat quite a lot of this cake and as such the weight loss hasn’t been great, but at least I have lost something.


I think easing up on the cycling has allowed my body to recover and in turn my power has increased. After three times up Volcano KOM on Zwift I was presented with a new FTP of 321 watts. I was pretty amazed with this as it is said as you lose weight you lose power but in my case I have managed to gain power too.


January was dreadful weather wise and February didn’t start off much better. Thankfully as the month went on the weather picked up and I’ve managed to get 7 rides in outside. With my Zwift my February miles total was 499 which kept me nicely ahead of target.


Coincidentally 172 miles (last weeks total) was my biggest weekly mileage total.  This took me to 1,151 for 2021 and 343 miles ahead of pace. It feels great going into March to have that cushion.


So it would appear that I didn’t set any targets for February but I managed to put 5lbs on after my birthday but then finish the month weighing in at 15 stone 4 pounds – a 4 pound loss. I am very happy with that and I hope to push on in March and get into the 14 stone range. So my targets for March are:

  • Lose 4 pounds so I get into the 14 stone range
  • Cycle Over 500 miles
  • Cycle 200 miles in a week

Hopefully the weather will improve so I can get the 200 miles in as it’s going to be a slog to do it on Zwift!

Well that’s about it. A pretty rubbish post but I don’t have much to say. I’m really enjoying my cycling – it seems easier thanks to the weight loss, it’s just less laboured. I seem to be setting new PB’s on climbing segments without trying too hard which is very satisfying! Oh, I have muted all Strava notifications. Looking at what other people were doing and being bombarded with notifications wasn’t doing my MH much good – I was putting myself under so much pressure. Now as I am enjoying riding so much I’m getting rid of all the pressures and just riding my bike.

So please note – if I don’t give you Kudos on your ride I’m not hating, I just haven’t seen it. Sorry about that – please don’t feel the need to Kudos me back if it offends. I just need to focus on my riding and my goals, not other peoples.

Here’s to a good March!

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  1. Awesome FTP increase! Happy birthday too. I also turned 40 earlier this year, which was a bit of a “thing” to get my head around. I think I’m cool with it now. I didn’t get a cycling World Champs cake though, so am going to complain to the wife about that, haha!

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