January 2021

Happy New Year!

2020 was pretty successful for me cycling wise. I managed to use the pandemic and lockdown to my advantage by ploughing the spare time it gave me into cycling, namely Zwifting.

I wanted to go into 2021 with the same mindset – we will never get this lockdown time again – so I have given myself a couple of new goals, I’m going to also give myself a monthly goal to keep me on track:

Annual Goals

  • To lose 2 stone (starting weight 16 stone 13 pounds) 
  • To cycle 5,000 miles

January Goals

  • Do Dry January
  • Lose 1 stone
  • Cycling activity every day

I think the monthly goals will keep me more focussed, but we’ll see how we get on.


So January has gone pretty well. We got locked down on 30th December 2020 and have spent the whole of January (and most likely the whole of February and March) in lockdown.  The rates are dropping and so is my weight!

Screenshot 2021-01-31 at 17.56.42

I’ll also managed to cycle every day. Not many outdoors miles sadly, we have had a terrible January. If it wasn’t snowing it was blowing a gale or raining. I’m pretty sure we’ve had more days in the -0ºC than anything else. Hoping that February is warmer for a change but I doubt it.


Thankfully I can get some good work in on Zwift. This year so far in Cat C I have finished 8th and 14th in my two starts in the Zwift Racing League for CCC Team, of which I am Captain. I’m delighted with this and hopefully more will come over the coming weeks. 

January Totals

Weight: 15 stone 8 pounds which is a total loss in January of 1 stone 5 pounds!

Distance: 651 miles

Dry January: Done

Lose 1 Stone: 1 stone 5 pounds lost!!!

Cycle Every Day: Done

Screenshot 2021-01-31 at 17.55.11

On the annual target I am 227 miles ahead of pace to 5,000 and the ton plus weeks are getting easier. We are on track!

So overall it has been an amazingly successful month. It’s my 40th birthday next weekend so I will be taking the weekend off from weight watching and not drinking so I am hoping that won’t affect my weight too much. It’s all about moderation!

Until next month!

Screenshot 2021-01-31 at 17.54.12



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