First Cat C Win

Well it was only a Time Trial! But surely the race against the clock is the purest of all races? Either way I don’t care, I got myself a gold cup tonight in the British Cycling Time Trial Series.

Screenshot 2020-12-03 at 22.29.34

I surprised myself on 29th October when I entered the TT series and came 2nd.  I wasn’t sure if I just got lucky and it was a weak field but it would appear that 320(ish) watts is podium territory in Cat C.

My target when entering the event was to get my time under 25 minutes, and I scraped in by 5 seconds, but I also got the added bonus of a new FTP of 303 watts.  So I end the night well happy. A new FTP, a gold cup and the knowledge that promotion does not mean you’ll remain at the back of the group.

Fingers crossed I can keep this up and get a few more wins as I am really enjoying the TT.

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