3,000 For The Year… Done!

It gives me great pleasure to strike off my main target of the year! After 260 days I have officially recorded 3,020 miles on Strava.

My previous annual best was 2,255 miles back in 2015 and I was hoping to build on this but but for some reason from that point my annual totals went down every year until 2020.

I’m aware that over a thousand miles of my total are Zwift miles but I’m happy with that. Miles is miles. It’s just good that the bike is being ridden. In my experience the Zwift miles are harder anyway!

Veloviewer says that my projected year end might be as high as 4,917 miles but that seems to be a big ask. I think I’ll just keep on going steady away and see where we are at the end of October and see if 4,000 might be a realistic target. The weather will soon draw in and there are only so many races you can do on Zwift without buggering yourself up.

So onwards we go!

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