Ticking over in July

Drum roll… 438 miles!

A bit down on June but still a decent amount of miles to keep the clock ticking over!

Screenshot 2020-08-03 at 11.42.19

And as I have completed more miles that target I am now even further ahead of target:

Screenshot 2020-08-03 at 11.40.35

My previous highest annual cycling total was 2,255 miles. It looks that this will be surpassed in week one of August!

And if we can continue with this progress dare I believe that 4,000 might be a possibility?

Screenshot 2020-08-03 at 11.40.50

I’m sure though that as the months get colder and windier my weekly totals may drop and it’s very hard to go 100 plus a week on Zwift. It’ll take some motivation to ride solo in in the winter.

Overall July has been great. We’ve targeted a few climbs and had a good bit of weather.

GPTempDownload 2

Zwift is going well and I think I’m almost ready to try my hand at Cat C. I know I won’t win anything but it is getting a tad boring winning every week in small fields of riders.


  1. Mileage – 2,195 down, 805 to go. Hopefully will hit this in September!
  2. Weight – Now 16st 4lbs. Still would like to lose it a but faster.
  3. Alcohol – Still not drinking much, consumption slightly increased.

August hopefully will see some more climbs and some rides further afield. And a debut in Cat C towards the end of the month!

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