Quite happy with May. I’ve this last week started to feel normal again but I’m getting fatter, I know I am, I’m eating chocolate like it’s going out of fashion as I’ve finally given up vaping.

I gave up on the 18th May as my chest was getting quite bad and it seemed very silly to keep vaping when I was so unwell. Anyway, two weeks later and despite it being hard AF it’s been worth it!!  But I’m eating more to make up for the nicotine.  I need to get to grips with this asap.

So, May, you say:


371 miles this month! Again, another good mix of Zwift and real life miles aided by half a week off work. 371 miles has also put me back ahead of pace!


And May also saw my best week so far:


A very enjoyable and sunny 145 miles.


  1. Mileage – 1,275 down, 1,725 to go. Now ahead of pace and increasing that margin weekly.
  2. Weight – Now 16st 12lbs. Piled it on. Disaster. Stopping vaping has not helped.
  3. Alcohol – Still not drinking much. It’s chocolate that’s the problem.

So it would seem that the mileage aspect is ticking over nicely, alcohol is really under control, I just need to stop eating shit. Giving up vaping is fantastic but I need to not get fatter or all this hard work is for nothing.

I’ve increased my weekly mileage target to 100 so hopefully that will take care of itself as the weather gets even better. And I’d like to get some miles in down Kent as soon as the Government allow us to stay away from home.

Until June!  On on!

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