April… Cool

April is a mixed but kinda successful bag. The illness that’s been dragging on didn’t want to shift so I finally called the doctor. Turns out I’ve had some kind of virus that ended up as a chest infection. Anyway, a course of antibiotics a couple of weeks into April sorted me right out and as I write I’m back up to 100%! Result!


We had a great spell of sunny weather so I was able to get out for a few rides and test the newly healed lungs. It was nice to get back out round the local lanes and appreciate the countryside after been holed up inside due to feeling shite and the terrible weather.

It was so nice the summer wheels have come out to play…


and as soon as I put them on the weather turned so it was back on Zwift. Hopefully out on them tomorrow. The winter Shimano RS170 wheel set have performed brilliantly for the short time I’ve used them but one thing I did notice when the Zipps went back on was how lighter the bike now feels. The RS170s are bullet proof but they are really heavy. Still, it’s all good for training isn’t it?


Has a good mix of Zwift and outdoors ride this month racking up 324 miles.


Last months target was to get ahead of pace but it’s harder than it sounds. Even with 324 miles I only managed to get down to 87 behind pace. Will try and get this down further in May.


One great sign though is my mileage is back to a similar level to January and now Veloviewer has me on course to hit my 3,000 mile target for the year. Sweet.


  1. Mileage – 904 down, 2,096 to go. A good boost in April but need to keep going in May.
  2. Weights – Now 16st 7.9lbs. A slight drop – hopefully this trend will continue.
  3. Alcohol – Getting better. Only drinking at Zoom meet-ups on the weekend.

So now I’m feeling a lot better I’m looking forward to May and pushing on in the Zwift Wahoo DBR League. I appreciate all this is boring so I might write about that next month.

Until June… Stay safe!

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