Virus-ridden March

So we started off with the best of intentions and then something a little bigger than cycling came along… COVID-19.

I started off March quite well having a 56 mile week 1 total but then I got ill again. I managed to cycle through the last cold but this one knocked me for six and as I write this (on the 3rd March) it’s only the last few days that I’ve felt any better.

Screenshot 2020-04-03 at 19.32.39

I was hoping to ride every week in 2020 but sadly it was not to be. Two weeks off with a bad chest BUT we did make some progress. Not much, but some.

Screenshot 2020-04-03 at 19.22.41

As of today my total has increased by 152 miles – I’m taking that as a success with two weeks out. This last week has helped (and I have strayed into April by 2 days) but work has been crazy so I couldn’t update on the 31st.

Screenshot 2020-04-03 at 19.25.39

It was nice in March to get out on the roads though. We had some nice weather but sadly the majority was when I was poorly! Still, managed to get outside 4 times and hoping to get out tomorrow as well.


The winter wheels are performing well. I think I’ll leave them on for a bit longer whilst the wind is still up though. Zipps can come out to play in May.


  1. Mileage – 628 down, 2,372 to go. Thanks to my great January I’m not too far behind pace.
  2. Weights – Now 16st 10.7lbs – Now in the sixteens!!! Hopefully I can stay there!
  3. Alcohol – Again a couple of biggies but not much drunk whilst poorly. Still must do better.

As it stands I’m currently 142 miles behind pace. I’ll try in April to get ahead of pace again, just in time for the light nights and nice weather!

Until next time 👍🏻

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