Covid 19 is Fast – Boris is Slow

Readers, here is the problem. Covid 19 moves fast, fast like Bradley Wiggins on his Time Trial bike at the 2012 Olympics.


Boris Johnson is slow, as are his reactions to the Coronavirus outbreak that has hit the UK since the end of January 2020.

Boris Johnson Launches London's First Cycle Superhighway

Now Boris has finally acted over the last week by initially advising people not to go to pubs (no one listened), people to limit social contact (no one listened) and then on Friday night ordered all the pubs to close (some pubs are still open). This he hopes, along with the maturity of the British people, will slow the virus and level the curve. This scary curve:


Now call me an idiot but to me it looks like we are in the shit. Our little red line is steeper than Italy’s line. In fact it’s steeper than all of them apart from Spain. Spain have already locked their country down… I’m not sure why we haven’t yet?

Is it political? He can’t or doesn’t want to be seen as the Prime Minister who subjected his loyal citizens to a police enforced shutdown? Or is it he doesn’t want to be seen to follow Europe as we are now an ‘independent country’?

What he keeps telling us its science.  That’s right, science and in fact experts! The same experts he’s been slagging off for 3 years as experts know nothing and politicians know everything. How strange.

Personally I think it’s fear. No matter what he does this is going to be bad, and once it’s over and examined there will be things, probably quite a few things, that will make him look bad.

Now Boris and Rishi Sunak (my local MP) have put in place some staggering financial help for the economy, businesses and workers but there are some holes in this plan. We are yet to see a fair means of assistance for self employed people. Companies are still sacking staff. There are a lot of questions and not too many answers. I know these things can take time but the virus is fast – we need to be.


On top of the virus and it’s inevitably increasing death toll we can’t get any food or supplies. Panic buying has swept the nation and in true British war time sprint we aren’t stopping any time soon. This is easily remedied by the Government. Just instruct that supermarkets unilaterally impose buying limits. It’s so simple. But he hasn’t and is replying on supermarkets themselves to do this. They slowly have, but the shelves have been like this for nearly 2 weeks!


And then there is the queues. Now we all know the British like nothing better than politely queuing up for stuff but even this takes the biscuit. There is no social distancing here whatsoever. But we have another simple fix. You pop a few soldiers on the door and to manage the queue. No one is going to fuck with a soldier – we’ll queue up with 2 metres gap and go into the supermarket only 10 at a time if they tell us to do so… cos they have GUNS.

For the last 3 weeks every step that the Prime Minister has taken has been obvious and obviously too late. The media and public start calling for harsher measures and then 2-3 days later he finally plucks up the courage to do it. So that will put us around Tuesday or Wednesday when he’ll get round to locking down London a bit more. He won’t go the whole hog like he should, but he’ll maybe say stay at home. I really don’t think he has the balls to enforce a police lockdown.

So what do I want to see?

  • Full police enforced lockdown on the UK – only allowed out to work, shop or exercise
  • Security at the supermarkets
  • Full border lockdown apart from freight

In edition to the above we’ll need to plough billions into making ventilators and converting hotels into hospitals.

Boris, just get on and lock us down now.  Any delays will only cost lives. Don’t be Boris the Butcher. Please be Boris the Ballsy.

And to the public. Stay at home, don’t socialise outside of your family, wash your hands, and STAY AT HOME.

Fingers crossed I don’t die of this fucker just cos someone wanted to go for a pint on Friday night. I’m sure that selfish action will cost some their lives though unfortunately.

Stay safe kids x

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