The Big Push To Ride 100

I started the year with big plans to do more mileage and be in great shape come 31st July to tackle the Prudential Ride London 100 but things haven’t exactly worked out.

I sit here typing still with a cold that I’ve had for 9 days that has limited any cycling in this great weather….  Bloody typical.  Prior to that it was the wind and rain that put pay to any decent rides but hopefully tomorrow night I’ll get out and start some kind of proper training.

I think I’ll do a week of shorter rides to get my legs back then by the end of June look to be completing the Strava Grand Fondo of 115 kilometres (71.5 miles).  Even if I don’t managed the 71 miles I will get a couple of 50 milers in and aim to get to 75 miles by mid July then taper down distance wise for the big ride.

Last year I completed it with the end of a two day hangover in my system and was painfully slow.  This time around I hope to post a reasonable time around the course, maybe 6:30 hrs, and not feel ruined.

So that’s the plan, get some training miles in and get the distances up.  In a few weeks I’ll get up the Dales and get the elevation in too.  Bring it!!

One comment

  1. Enjoy the training! 🙂 I can feel some of my fitness slipping away now that I’ve lost the 250km/week of commute cycling. Sometimes life and circumstance just get in the way, now for you and me both – time to ramp it up and get back to business!

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