High Parks Tearoom,Newton-le-Willows, North Yorkshire

Fasted riding is good for you they said.  No it’s not, it’s horrific when doing 20 miles with 1,200 feet elevation so I was delighted 16 miles in to stumble across this little gem of a cafe hidden away in Newton-le-Willows.

Cafe Front

From the front it’s hard to spot how to get in but once you do you won’t be disappointed with the food and drink.


I ordered a bacon sandwich and a flat white.  It came in at £7.75 which is quite steep but the food is of great quality.  The bacon was well cooked and lean, the bread roll fresh with a nice crust and a little bit of side salad.  Now salad with a bacon sandwich isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I rammed it all in there and it was beautiful.

The coffee tasted great and was just what I needed to get me going the last few miles back home.  One thing that was a shame was that it was a little misty as I’m sure the view from the seats outside would be spectacular on a clear day.


A great little cafe and I will be back for another one of those bacon sandwiches!

You can find there website here.

Trip Advisor

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