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About 5 years ago I used to run the biggest Boro Facebook fan page on the site, even bigger than the clubs own page. Then they took it from me, accidentally by all accounts!! The club were very good with me after this and I do not hold a grudge but it was the start of my love dwindling.  The club were kind enough to give me free tickets for a season in way of recompense but I didn’t really take them up on them apart from a few games. It was the beginning of the end… of me going to matches religiously anyway. 

You never stop supporting your club, I’ve got the crest tattooed on my leg for fucks sake (all chavvy like), but my love of the match day experience definitely way gone. I’ve been to a few games since but I’m officially an armchair fan now.  Quite a turnaround from being a season ticket holder and running a website that provided live coverage of games that many fans all over the world relied on.

I then discovered cycling.  It’s so far away from football and that’s why I love it.  Football is easy to have a basic understanding of whereas cycling needs a certain degree of knowledge to appreciate its intricacies.  Why am I banging on about cycling? The reason being is I’m more gutted that Mark Cavendish might not get into the Rio squad than I am with tonight’s goings on at Boro.

Shit has got real at Boro.  The press are reporting arguments, a meeting tomorrow and maybe the end for Karanka.  I slipped tonight into my Boro reporting self of old and started tweeting to see what the fuck was going on.  Phone battery went from 100% to 30% in a couple of hours.  Then it was on Sky Sports News, I started getting texts taking the piss but then, as I got home from the pub, it struck me.  If Karanka was to leave I wouldn’t be that arsed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Karanka fan.  We are in second place in the league and if we pull our recent form around we’ll get promoted but to me it sounds like kids squabbling in a playground.  Arguments with players, players not playing, terrible results.  It’s all a bit daft.  Can’t the players and manager see that this carry on is not only going to cost promotion but will cost Steve Gibson millions of pounds?  Something will give and unfortunately nowadays it’s usually the manager.  Karanka, if reports are true, has started this process himself.  Gibbo won’t tolerate this kind of shit for much longer.

Our situation is typical of football.  Big egos banging heads together with no real cost to themselves but upsetting those who make football what it is – the fans.  Karanka, Ayala, Downing or whoever won’t be too fussed come Monday, they won’t have to do a 9-5 job for minimum wage, they could take a few years off and still not have to worry about having to pay the Council Tax.  Not like the poor fuckers who spend their wages on a season ticket to see the biggest chance of promotion spunked because the team didn’t want it enough.  

Cycling is a selfless sport, domestiques spend their careers flogging themselves so others can claim victory and never moan.  They work for the bigger picture, the team, winning.  The Boro team / staff could learn a few things from cycling.

Anyway, wonder who’s gonna win Paris-Nice? 😉

As always, UTB, and up Dimension Data.


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