Fasted Riding Struggle

Went for a ride yesterday before work and crucially before breakfast and what a struggle it was.

It’s a route that I have done many times before and done a few times without having eaten but never early in the morning (if you can call 8:30am early!) and never struggled like I did yesterday.  I don’t know what the problem was.  Maybe that I had only one coffee?

The BBC had a programme a month or so ago that showed using a small test group that men burn fat more effectively during the day when fasted exercise has been undertaken in the morning.  That’s all well and good but bonking from mile 1 isn’t fun!

Possibly my lack of road miles these last few weeks and the miles I have done have been at a slower average speed than usual has taken it’s toll and I’m losing fitness.  Or it could be that last week I was on holiday and drank beer every day… It is probably the last one!

Anyway I’ll try extra hard this weekend to get some miles in.  Maybe a bit of mountain biking tomorrow and a road ride on Sunday.  Hopefully some hills if my riding buddy fancies them.

Keep on keeping on!



  1. After a week of holiday food/drink your glycogen stores were probably empty so you metabolism slows right down to try and preserve the small amount of energy available. I did the same a couple of weeks ago and it’s horrible.

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