(Feminism gone wrong?) Sometimes on Twitter it’s worth making a point…

And sometimes you realise after one reply a person you following isn’t worth it.

Is disagreed that this advice posted on a local authority website was worthy of a ‘Double sigh’. 

As you can see from my reply to Cycling Moose I wasn’t been provocative, I though I was been level headed, but alas I did not expect a reply saying I had a ‘problem’.

A weird reply, I tried to diffuse it, but was sarcastically quoted to her followers. I wondered why this was until this further quote from her account:

Seems it was due to my gender. I’m a man so obviously can’t disagree (however slightly) with a woman without it being an issue.

God bless feminism.

Could anyone enlighten me why the advice given by the local authority was so ‘Double sigh’? I’d love to know.

Written by the most sexist cyclist on Twitter, it would appear.

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