February Motivation and Mountain Biking

It’s a strange old month is February.  When I look back at last years Strava log for February 2015 I can see that the miles took a hit and they are doing so this February too.  I don’t think it helps that it’s my birthday month and it’s freezing cold but I need to get motivated and finish the month on a high.

To try and mix up the schedule I have recently purchased a mountain bike.  A lovely B’Twin Rockrider 560 at a reasonable £450.  For that you get a half decent Suntour front fork, SRAM X7 and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes.  I must admit it has been fun on the couple of rides I’ve done (one around York and the other at Dalby Forest) but you still don’t get the miles in!


This weekend’s ride around Dalby was fun but very cold.  I have to keep reminding myself that in a few weeks it should warm up but the thought of donning just shorts and a jersey seem quite quite far fetched as the snow falls outside.

Been having a couple of little rides on Zwift but this usually takes as much time to set up in the kitchen as it does to get the full winter kit on and do some real miles!

I think it just needs to be head down and bum up, get through February and come the end of March things will be looking up and the clocks will be going forward.  Gotta keep on keeping on.



  1. Honest post…

    Just to pick up your point on the mtb being better fun than you thought..

    I like all sorts of cycling, originally an mtber I started road riding a few years ago. I love the road for getting in miles, unless you’re properly fit you’ll never cover as many miles on an mtb as you will on the road, the upside though is that with an mtb ride you’re getting a whole body workout so it will benefit you back on the road.

    If an mtb ride is boring you’re probably doing the wrong stuff.. Red routes are aimed at beginners and families.. with a bit more confidence you can try out a blue and that will add in obstacles that will remove any chance of boredom step up again and hit a black 😉

    I have the mantra road for miles mtb for smiles 🙂

    At the end of the day, any ride you do is better than nothing.. as someone currently facing an enforced 6 weeks off the bike, I’m only now really understanding that 🙂


    1. Loving the MTB atm, next time I go out I’ll be on the harder trail. You certainly do get a total body workout!

      Hope the 6 weeks fly by and you are back riding sooner rather than later!

      Cheers for the comment 👍🏻

      1. Great.. embrace the fear 😉

        Thanks.. I’m going to try and convince my Doc to allow me to use the turbo next week.. now that’s desperation 😉

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