Dutch??? A Man’s Guide To Paying The Bill…

First date. You want to impress. You’ve got your decent clothes on, you’ve showered this week, you’ve even put that good perfume you got for Christmas. You’ve matched them on POF and they seem normal, which is a bonus on that website.

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way. You met, she didn’t run away, you haven’t run away, you have dinner… So… Who pays the bill…

Men have two options: Pay the bill or split the bill. (Or do as I do, pay the bill on the sly and don’t leave the choice). Pay and you are the daddy, you have impressed. Split and you are showing you might be tight.

Women have two options: Split and seem really cool, happy to share the costs, but maybe doing so means you aren’t that interested… Or sit and don’t pay… If man pays early you are in, if it gets drawn out you seem expectant.

What a minefield. The answer is, lads, always pay on a first date. If she likes you you’ll get much more in return. Not meaning sex. If she’s not keen out of politeness she’ll split the bill anyway. 

If you hate her, split the bill, or say you are going to the loo and run off. Don’t actually do that, it’s rude.

I’m drunk, that’s all I have to say. Lads pay! 

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