2015 Cycling Review & 2016 Targets

It’s the 4th January, the holidays are over and my 2016 Strava mile count says ZERO.  Time to write about cycling and then get out and do some!

Last years goals were simple, but how did I get on:

  • Cycle 500 miles in a month

Failed miserably!  Not even close!  Managed 325 miles in August and that included a 112 mile ride.  A holiday and a week off the bike put pay to a 500 mile month but I’ll try again in 2016,

  • Cycle 2,015 miles in a year

Done!  Ended up doing 2,255.  I need to up this in 2016.

  • Beat my 45mph record and try to break 50mph!

My Garmin told me I broke 50mph, my Strava says I did 49mph.  I’ll believe my Garmin!

  • Lose 2 stone cycling in 2015

Done.  Ended up losing over 2 stone ( but then promptly put half a stone on over Christmas)

So, not too bad.  On to 2016.  I have a decent base from last year so January and February shouldn’t be as hard as 2015.  Hopefully I will be able to push on, lose more weight and maybe get faster, well hopefully a lot faster.

2016 Targets

  • Complete half of the Strava Gran Fondos
  • Cycle 500 miles in a month
  • Lose a further stone and a half
  • Cycle 3,000 miles in 2016
  • Cycle EVERY week, without fail

My 2015 in video format:

And finally my Veloviewer 2015 wheel

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 10.01.39


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