Rapha Lightweight Essentials Case

Lightweight Essentials Case – Chilli – £25 


Available from Rapha.cc

I had been looking for something to hold my phone, debit card, money and keys for some time and tried quite a few products, most recently a bag that came with my Castelli Nanoflex arm warmers but nothing fitted the bill.  I had noticed that Rapha did a leather Essentials Case but this was a little steep at £45 for a cycling wallet then I noticed the nylon Lightweight Essentials Case at £25.  I could justify £25 so it was duly ordered.

Firstly, lets discuss the case.  It is very light and looks well made.  My iPhone 6 in it’s case already fits inside with room for my debit card, coins and notes along with my house key.  Even with all this loaded in the case isn’t bulky and it fits nicely in a jersey pocket.


The zip pocket inside the case is great.  It stops coins and keys swilling around scratching your phone and rattling around as you ride.  I use mine as a wallet but it would fit a tube, levers and multi-tool if so desired instead of your phone.

Rapha Postage Costs

Rapha charged me £5 to deliver this item to my address.  Let’s put this in perspective.  if I ordered from Wiggle it would be free and would arrive in two days.  But Rapha’s £5 is for STANDARD delivery which took four days and it didn’t even require a signature.  It would appear that your £5 is used for a posh envelope that they put your invoice in.

Postage really annoys me.  Rapha added 20% of the product price as a delivery charge, sat on the order for over a day then sent it out.  I don’t mind paying for delivery but when paying £5 I would expect more than a four day time period.


The product, if a little expensive, is great – only let down by the postage.  Effectively you are paying £30 for a nylon wallet and due to the high price I can only award this 3 out of 5.  An extra point would have been awarded if the price had been a little more reasonable (including postage).


Since posting this online I have received a few comments that I am just moaning and I was aware of the P&P charges prior to ordering.

To this is say when paying a fiver postage you expect to get some kind of better service than normal mail which costs less. What I got was a posh envelope for my invoice. 4 days if too long when compared to other cycling suppliers, such as Wiggle, where for free P&P it arrives in 2 days.

I’d have happily paid £5 if they didn’t sit on my order for over a day and then send it out standard postage. If you contact them about this they ignore you. If you put it in a product review they don’t contact you to address it.

Again, if you have a negative review Wiggle will put it online and answer it. It can’t be transparent for a company to just not put them online or address them. I know it’s only a small thing but I’ll never buy another Rapha product again due to this.


Rapha have today responded to me:


Fair enough if my review didn’t meet their guidelines, that is their right not to publish it.  I also take on board that they say they publish negative reviews so I will amend my review.

It’s great that they have today contacted me but prior to me publishing this review they had ample opportunity and didn’t, but thanks Rapha for reaching out today.


  1. A little steep. For £5 most places will do a next day weekend delivery service! For a little more than what you paid in total you could possibly have got the leather one on discount with free delivery from a different online retailer? I’m a pauper though and am still using a zip lock plastic sandwich bag…

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