Seb Coe Is Laughing At You

Seriously, he’s pissing his pants at you lot.

Just heard Chris Evans describing him as the kind of guy you would want to sort out the mess at the IAAF – honest, trustworthy and a man who gets things done.  Really…

Seb Coe is lucky to be the President of the IAAF.  The Paula Radcliffe suspicious blood passport story broke a couple of days after the IAAF Presidential Election and I wonder, considering the slim margin that he won by, if the story had come out prior what the effect would have been.  Paula still maintains her innocence and obviously never failed a doping test, but we have heard that one before eh Lance?


Seb, the man with a six figure salary from Nike – a company who have no issue sponsoring convicted dopers such as Justin Gatlin, who also sold his company in January 2013 t0 Complete Leisure Group (CLG) so may need that six figure salary a little more that before (see link here from Private Eye).

This Daily Mail article highlights the two sides of Seb Coe, how he stands up for such people as Alberto Salazar, is the chair of a Sports Agency (another conflict of interest), but then claims to feel queasy if Justin Gatlin was to win gold in Beijing.

I saw an enjoyable interview last night with Seb Coe conducted by the excellent Jon Snow who had Coe squirming in his seat:

And Jon made a great point.  Seb Coe was No 2 in charge at the IAAF for the last SEVEN years and claimed to be close friends with the outgoing President, Lamine Diack but says he had no idea that the biggest doping scandal in the history of sport was going on under his Vice Presidency.  The report issued yesterday into this states that the IAAF were aware, so what was Coe doing?

I’ll tell you what Seb Coe was doing.  He was looking after number one as usual.  If you take off the blinkers it is pretty obvious that he’s just about making money, increasing his profile and lording himself about, literally as a Lord.

Coe, a former Tory MP, received his peerage in 2000, for what exactly?  Just remember Lord Coe voted for the Tax Credit cuts this year.  What a smug bastard.

Seb Coe isn’t fit to lead Athletics out of this mess.  As Jon Snow said, he’s either corrupt or was sleeping on the job.

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