The Football Drinking Culture

I’ve been sat at home this morning looking at Twitter seeing re-tweets from Boro fans going to Nottingham for today’s match.  All the fans are in good spirits but quite a lot of the pictures, especially on the club run fan coaches show fans drinking before 11am.  I have been to football matches and started drinking at silly o clock in the morning, it’s part of going to the game but this, I feel, is a problem that clubs should deal with.

In the news this week it has been highlighted that large groups of fans chant sexist abuse at women staff and officials.  These fans wouldn’t do it in the street at a woman, so why do they when they are at football? Maybe it is because there are a large number of drunk people at the match.

Maybe if you could reduce the amount of alcohol consumed at football grounds a number of supporter problems could be avoided.  Fighting, racist abuse, sexist abuse, religion related abuse etc etc are all things that are going on at football games but very rarely you see this shopping on a Saturday down the town.  Maybe instead of ‘teaching’ fans that these things are wrong reduce the thing that contributes to this behaviour.

You will be removed from a stadium for being drunk but this is rarely done, why?

Drunk people are served at the bars in the ground but the licensing authorities seem never check this, why?

I think the main question is why do we, as fans, feel the need to get drunk when going to the football.  When I go to the match I get the train so I can have a beer, I try my best not to drive.  It’s weird.  It is the culture I suppose.  I don’t know the answer.

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