Feminists Claim Page 3 Victory

It’s a strange one this, I agree that in 2015 it might be a bit ‘old hat’ to have a topless girl on Page 3 but it is kind of an institution and many women have launched modelling careers of the back of it.  Equally it’s not too bad being a man flicking through the paper and seeing a beautiful girl on Page 3, after all most men like boobs.

Lucy Collett, 2012 Page 3 Idol Winner

Lucy Collett, 2012 Page 3 Idol Winner

The interesting thing today on my Twitter timeline has been the reaction, all negative, to the supposed end of Page 3 in The Sun.  And the negativity has been in the majority from females.  Some models, some just ‘normal’ women, and a few men have voiced their annoyance.  What I haven’t seen is anyone celebrating the end of Page 3.

This in itself leads me to believe that Feminists don’t actually represent women (on this issue anyway).  Ok, I don’t follow that many people so my sample size is small, but still, I have seen no happiness with the Page 3 ban.

Feminists don’t represent all women, or even fight for the rights of all women.  Feminists represent Feminists – and they don’t mind using over the top tactics to do so.

It seems to me that the girls on Page 3 are making money from their chosen career path and are happy doing so.  It’s their choice.  It is very anti-feminist for a group of women to take this choice away from them.

Image copyright @Lucy__Vixen


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