Diet & Training

Having started with the best of intentions this week has been a failure. No cycling and I ate like a pig. This is not good.

Made the decision to go shopping on Sunday and I thought it was too wind to cycle but as I was driving to the shops loads of people were out on their bikes. I felt guilty. Maybe instead of looking for excuses not to go cycling I should actually go cycling and turn back if it is too windy or wet? This is the tactic I will try to exploy for the coming weeks.

I have downloaded My Fitness Pal to monitor my food and drink intake. I have eaten quite a bit this weekend and feel terrible. Hopefully I can stick to the app and monitor actually what I am consuming and get back out on the bike.

January is a bad month for outdoor stuff – it’s blowing a gale and raining often, but I know it is the time where it matters the most. Time and effort put in now will make the summer months even easier.



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