Ched Evans – Society finally gone mad

If you read this article from the BBC it describes how Oldham Football Club’s staff were threatened with rape due to the clubs potential signing of Ched Evans.

This is why the social media campaign against him sat uncomfortably with me. Any kind of campaign like this brings the idiots out, and it has.

So it transpires that to stop a rapist signing for a football team the best method is to threaten the football team’s staff with rape. Awesome. What an amazing society we live in. Well done.

As the Evans story has evolved I have has mixed views on him playing again and I finally have settled on my opinion: Ched is a convicted rapist and should wait until after his case review before contemplating a return to football.

Maybe this might be the end of the saga for a while. I do hope so.


One comment

  1. I agree totally. Why should he not be allowed to rehabilitate his life. Nice point well made. I have no opinion on it beause i have no idea about the facts of the case and it’s not my place to say.

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